14 foods too weird to eat. But we do.

I am yet to recover from Masterchef’s “savoury ice-cream” episode earlier this week. I was really really really looking forward to Heston week. Heston Blumenthal week. He can always be counted on to challenge the contestants like no other chef can.

Normally I find myself salivating while watching Masterchef. It is my food porn and I enjoy watching the amazing foods that are created and tasted, all the foods I could never be bothered to cook myself but love to imagine eating.

Until the savoury ice-cream episode.

That is when my love affair with Masterchef and Heston Blumenthal died a little. I found myself almost dry-retching at some of the flavour combinations contestants came up such as: Vegemite on toast ice-cream and lemon and pinenut ice-cream with rosemary.

And I’m still in STITCHES over Matt Prestons reaction to trying the worst of the lot, the pea and ham ice-cream.

Video by Ten Network

There have always been strange foods floating around thanks to traditions and culture and heritage, all the good reasons, but now it’s just like some people are trying to be deliberately stupid or revolting.

Here are 11 foods (and drinks) too weird to eat (or drink) that really take the cake, so to speak.