HOROSCOPES: New relationships and relaxation time. The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning February 2. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

weekly horoscope aries

Mercury’s move into your relaxation zone asks you to chill out, and there’s no argument from you! This week, you’re perfectly content to put your feet up, and indulge in a bit of ‘me time’. While the slower pace is not your usual speed, Aries, you’re smart enough to know when to replenish. Grab a good book and settle in. The peace and quiet won’t last long.

weekly horoscope

On Saturday, Venus moves into your sphere of secret enemies. While this isn’t as dire as it sounds, do be mindful of who you entrust with your deepest darkest thoughts. A member of your girl squad is consumed by the green-eyed monster, and it won’t take much to tip her over the edge. Avoid anything that could be misconstrued as boasting.


Venus and Saturn lend you a competitive edge at work this week. Many Twins have lacked motivation lately, finding it tough to get back into their daily professional grind. Got a looming deadline hanging over your head? Don’t worry Gemini, you’ll smash it in the nick of time. You’re a smart cookie, and now your mojo has returned too.

cancer horoscope

Frustrated over something that isn’t moving as quickly as you would like? Hang in there. You've another week of delay to contend with. Still, there’s good news! La Luna is tying up a loose end, preparing for the start of something new and improved. Yet, for now, it’s all about waiting it out and exercising a little more patience.

leo horoscope

You’re thinking about making some alterations to your finances. Planning a sensible budget ensures you stay on top of your cash flow. 2020 requires a different approach, as your incomings and outgoings have, or are about to change. Your financial future looks promising, so make hay while the sun shines. Capitalise on profits wherever you can.

VIRGO horoscope

This week is all about relationships for you, Virgo. But rather than pleasing your partner, appeasing your boss or looking after your children, try nurturing yourself. Your connections with others mirror the extent of your self-love. So, why not spend a little time doing something that makes you happy? Indulge in pleasure, guilt-free. It’s a necessity, actually.

LIBRA horoscope

Venus sails into your relationship zone, sweetening romance. Don’t wait for a potential love interest to make the first move. Be brave and initiate a meet-up. If the date isn’t amazing, there’ll be a better option around the corner. Couples have a fantastic time on an adventurous holiday or exploring uncharted territory, which could include bedroom activities!

SCORPIO horoscope

Have you lost touch with a creative endeavour that once made your heart sing? If so, then this week it’s time to reconnect with that particular talent. Picking up where you left off won’t be as difficult as you fear. And, you’ll be proud of your efforts. The results don’t need to be commercially viable. Merely investing in something that’s uniquely yours is enough.


Home is where your heart is this week. Archers searching for the perfect apartment or house finally find the property of their dreams. Single Saggies focus on transforming their living space into a sanctuary. Investing in beautiful linen, fluffy new towels or comfy furniture will be worth the expense. And don’t forget a little something for the kid’s rooms too!

CAPRICORN horoscope

It’s a lovely week to reconnect with someone that you’ve lost touch with. Don’t dwell on the time that’s lapsed. Once you make contact, that will all melt away. This person is too precious to you to throw away. You’ll discover that you’re in the same boat in terms of how you're both feeling. Be the bigger person and pick up the phone or tap out a text.

AQUARIUS horoscope

Invest in yourself Aquarius. Acknowledging that you don't know everything you need to, is the first step towards improvement. The next is signing up for a course, reading a book or researching a topic that broadens your education. Adding to your skill set will help you hit a target with greater accuracy and satisfaction.

Week horoscopes pisces

Mercury skips into your sign on Monday, sending your mind into overdrive. Ruminating over a problem will only drive you nuts! You’re the most intuitive of all the zodiac, so tap into your natural gifts and follow your feels. Practicing mindfulness or meditation helps to clarify your answer. But if that’s not your thing, moving your body shakes off the stress.

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