HOROSCOPES: Sexual cravings and friendship fallouts: The week ahead, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning October 4. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Mercury's retrograde in your intimacy sphere activates a hot and heavy week. Embrace your inner sex goddess as you explore each and every erogenous zone. For you, gentle strokes of your face and hair is a big turn on, at least to begin with. Take your time, savouring the seduction. This week is about getting to know yourself, and what lights your fire, on a more intimate level.


Saturday’s supermoon forges a fresh path in terms of self-care. This week, focus on how your mental health impacts your physical wellbeing. While you may feel on top of your game, a little improvement here and there is called for. Bulls are encouraged to do a personal inventory on where their emotions are at. Be honest with yourself.

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It’s that time of the year again as your planetary ruler slips into retrograde on Wednesday. Assuming you’ve backed up your technology devices and prepared for communication slips, you’re covered against Mercury’s usual mishaps. But this time, your daily routine sector is triggered. Rejig your schedule to be more productive, organised and efficient.


Crabs dealing with partnership clashes, either professional or romantic, see the light at the end of the tunnel this week. Much to your relief, Jupiter’s wink to Pluto ensures a mutually beneficially outcome. Being the lovely soul you are, you’d go above and beyond to avoid insulting others. Still, don’t wipe the slate clean until you’re fully satisfied.

Saturday's supermoon gives the thumbs up to learning new tricks. Consider signing up for an educational course. And, if you think you know everything there is to know, look again. Upskilling could give you the edge over your competitors, setting you apart from the rest. For less career-minded Lionesses, a juicy slice of news gets tongues wagging amongst your crew.


Keep your eyes and ears open for a side hustle or a novel way to make money. You needn’t give up your day job, but there are alternative ways to increase your earnings. Saturday’s supermoon spotlights your cash zone, bringing a lucrative reward or bonus. You won’t regret agreeing to a mutually beneficial collaboration.


This week’s supermoon is in your sign, Libra, and it’s encouraging you to showcase your talents. What have you been holding back or keeping under wraps for fear that it’s not good enough? For you, La Luna even trumps Mercury’s retrograde, so don’t be shy about unveiling your dream project. The feedback will be fantastic.

Mercury begins its rewind through your sign on Wednesday, causing you to look back over your shoulder. You may have to go over old ground with an ex the returns out of the blue, or an issue that needs a do-over. Rather than see this as a stressful disruption, look at it as the chance to find closure, or tying up a loose end.


You’re a generous soul, but friends and money don’t mix well this week. Jupiter’s link to Neptune on Monday brings the best of intentions that wind up misunderstood. If you do lend cash, clothing or a precious item, you’ll be begging for its return. For now, only give what you can afford to say goodbye to - permanently.

Mercury’s retrograde in your friendship zone rehashes a falling out. Rather than jumping to your own defence, sit back and listen to this person’s perspective. You may have missed a valuable piece of information. This will either be an opportunity to kiss and make up, or you’ll decide to break ties for good. There’s no middle ground.


Mercury’s backwards spin causes ripples in your career sector. You may have to backtrack over a negotiation or revisit a deal that you thought was done and dusted. Aquarians seeking a new direction find clues during an online training course, article or webinar. Professionally, this is a week where nothing is black or white. Read in-between the lines.

Find comfort in friendship this week. Jupiter lends Neptune a helping hand, as a good cry on your bestie’s shoulder proves cathartic. You won’t be judged, so let the tears flow. Once you’ve gotten everything off your chest, your mood will lift, and your situation will look brighter. Don’t put off offloading your troubles - that’s what friends are for.

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