HOROSCOPES: How Wednesday's full moon will affect your week, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius, and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning November 10. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

weekly horoscope aries

Some Rams have enjoyed a breather, taking time out from their usual fast-paced hustle or heavy responsibilities. But time's up! You're being called back to serious business to tackle a looming deadline or dutiful task. Delaying what needs to be done could have disastrous results. Laziness doesn’t become you, so get on top of things pronto!

weekly horoscope

What secret have you locked away? Wednesday's full Moon wants to know. As Mercury retrograde is also involved, whatever you're hiding will likely be revealed by week's end. For Bulls that are an open book, it may surprise you that someone is not as they seem. Reserve your judgement until you get to know them a bit better.

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This week’s full Moon radiates through your zone of intuition and clairvoyance, making you more attuned to messages from the Universe. Trust that the signs and signals you're receiving are real. If your gut is churning, yet logic is telling you you're overreacting, stop and pay attention! Simply redirecting your course of action may save the day, provided you follow your feels.

cancer horoscope

By week's end, La Luna brings you full circle. You might be thinking 'why am I here again'. The answer is as plain as the nose on your face, but if you don't implement the lesson you've learnt, you won't get a different outcome. Consider changing the way you tackle the issue, and you'll be halfway to solving it. Success is waiting behind door two; it's just that you've been banging on door one for too long.

leo horoscope

You're at the right place at the right time, thanks to Wednesday's full Moon. A change of plan might be frustrating at first. Still, the end result works in your favour when an advantageous professional connection is made. Make sure you sell yourself as much as an idea or product. You're an integral part of the package whether you know it or not.

VIRGO horoscope

Love is a powerful motivator. Venus' smooch with the Moon's Node pushes you outside your comfort zone in the name of amore. You have so much to gain by putting your heart on the line, no matter how scary that feels. Even in the face of rejection, you’ll come up trumps. Either you’ll be set free (possibly by your own choosing), or you’ll win your prize.

LIBRA horoscope

A brilliant light bulb moment hits you at the start of the week when the Sun heats up clever Mercury. The information planet's retrograde allows you to see a financial problem from a different angle, helping you wiggle out of a tight spot. Take what you've learnt and apply it to your long-term monetary goals. So that next time, you’ll be fully prepared.

SCORPIO horoscope

Wednesday's full Moon highlights your most cherished relationship. There's so much love, yet you're being pulled in different directions. Commitment versus freedom? Confrontation or letting sleeping dogs lie? Giving in or standing firm? These are some of the questions you could be facing. Find your answer within. Tune into your heart rather than searching for outward clues or validation.


Avoid stretching yourself too thin. The full Moon triggers your health zone, pushing you to your limits. You might be tempted to work yourself to the bone to reach an important target or impress your boss but burn out is inevitable if you take on too much. You can still achieve greatness without self-destructing in the process. Be sensible and pace yourself.

CAPRICORN horoscope

You've undertaken a monumental task, and you're now wondering if you were consumed by a moment of madness when you made the commitment. Don't worry. The Sun collaborates with Pluto midweek, helping you move mountains. You’re more than capable of getting the job done to perfection. Rely on your inner resources and know-how. And if in doubt, phone a friend!

AQUARIUS horoscope

Watch out for the snake-in-the-grass slithering amongst your social circle or workplace. This person may seem like someone that has your best interests at heart, but their attentiveness is far from genuine. In time, their true intentions will be revealed. But for now, keep your secrets close to your chest. It's best not to boast about too many triumphs either.

Week horoscopes pisces

Neptune encourages you to express your originality. What's unique about you? Born under the most creative sign of the zodiac, you have a gift, whether you are aware of it or not. This week, you get an insight into where your talents lie and how to expand upon them. Fish that are already pursuing a dream are given a golden opportunity to showcase their genius.

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