HOROSCOPES: How this week's full Moon will affect your mood, according to your star sign.



Natasha Weber is an astrology genius, and has predicted all of our horoscopes for the week beginning May 19. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook

weekly horoscope

Hold out an olive branch Aries. Chiron, the healing asteroid, kisses Mercury, the planet of communication. This alliance is working in your favour, so that your side of the story is heard and understood. Your emotional wound may still be raw but being the first to reach out has its benefits. Swallow your pride and make contact by Friday.

taurus horoscope

The week begins with an explosion of romance. When loving Venus dances with electric Uranus, sparks are set to fly, and this time, the rendezvous is scheduled in your sign Taurus. Singles encounter someone that rocks their world and satiates their sexual appetite. Whilst couples receive a happy surprise or an exciting announcement.

GEMINI horoscope

Get ready to shine Gemini. Not only does the Sun light up your sign from Tuesday, but Mercury, your planetary ruler, jumps onboard too. This unbeatable combination in your sign makes brilliant connections that elevate you both personally and professionally. If you want something, speak up loud and clear. Your wish is everyone else’s command.

cancer horoscope

What have you learnt from a past challenge? You’d be forgiven for thinking that you are ready to forge ahead, free from shackles of the past. This is true, but only for Crabs that have worked through the consequences. This is not to say that the fault rests with you, but the experience existed for the purpose of your personal growth. Don’t ignore the value in the lesson.

leo horoscope

Leos that have put a dream to bed or shelved a desire, are given fresh hope when the Sun makes a significant shift on Tuesday. Reignite what was previously unobtainable or out of reach. Although last time you fell short of the mark, this time you have everything you need at your disposal. Back yourself and you won’t be disappointed.

VIRGO horoscope

The zenith of your chart is activated this week. Meaning that your life’s purpose is under review. This could be as literal as deciding that you no longer want to be at your current job or that you are looking for a complete sea-change in what you do professionally. If leaving your job is unrealistic, consider pursuing a hobby that brings you joy. Above all, pursue your passion.

LIBRA horoscope

Sign up for a collaboration this week. Mars engages with Uranus, offering you a valuable resource. You can gain a great deal by syphoning information, advice or if you’re in the social media game, popularity, from someone that is respected in their field of expertise. They see the exchange as mutually beneficial, so working together is a win-win for all involved.

SCORPIO horoscope

The full Moon illuminates your sign Scorpio. Where is there darkness, confusion or loss in your life? This is your target area to focus on this week. Shining light and awareness onto the issue will bring healing. Like peeling back layers of an onion, this is a process rather than an overnight sensation but the results will be worthwhile. Don’t avoid a confrontation.


As the Sun rises in your relationship zone, expect a generous display of warmth and affection from your partner, in the form of a gift, an exciting date night or an expression of appreciation. Single Saggies are in for some fun! Let your hair down and be frivolous. Avoid ruminating over the future and be in the moment with someone that lights your fire.

CAPRICORN horoscope

Friendships are under scrutiny due to this week’s full Moon. Ask yourself if you are connecting with the right people for the right reasons. If the answer is no, then that would explain your sense of dissatisfaction. La Luna offers you a chance to make a positive change but you must be honest about your intentions. Avoid people that you feel are using you.

AQUARIUS horoscope

You become privy to juicy gossip this week, thanks to Mercury’s curiosity in your family sector. The news concerns a relative, friend or someone you consider to be like family. Respect the bounds of that person’s privacy, even if you are tempted to spread what you learn. Remember that the shoe could be on the other foot one day.

Week horoscopes pisces

The Sun focuses on a new area of your life from Tuesday. It’s no coincidence that you don’t feel like partying, or that socialising has lost its sparkle. All you really want to do is to curl up on the couch, potter around your house and tell your troubles to your cat. Relax and indulge. You’ll soon be putting on your dancing shoes once again. But for now, stoke your home fires.

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