HOROSCOPES: Romantic connections and self care. The week ahead, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning June 28. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Mars is banging on your door — loudly! And when the planet of drive and determination wants your attention, you’d be wise to give it. Mars demands you assert yourself, particularly when it comes to your closest relationships. Usually, you have zero trouble voicing your opinion. So why so quiet, Aries? Discover what’s behind the fear that’s holding you back.


Pay attention to a brilliant idea that pops into your head by Wednesday. Mercury’s wink to Uranus offers a unique perspective on an irritating problem. By mid-week, you'll have a better understanding of the core issue. Trying to find a solution has led you up the garden path — until now. Frustrations are set to ease once you’ve implemented your new plan.

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Expect a clash within your friendship circle. Someone is not happy, and this week, you'll all know about it. Mars pokes at delicate wounds, causing feathers to be ruffled. Although challenging, it's essential to stay cool, calm and collected. Otherwise, insults and accusations could get out of hand. You’re a great communicator Gemini. Take charge of the situation.


Just when you thought you had expelled a thorn from your side, it returns for one last hoorah. As Saturn steps back into your relationship zone, you must address an issue concerning an ex-lover, spouse or business partner. How you manage the situation, rather than try to avoid it is the key. Don't worry, once Saturn shifts gears, it won't be back for another 29 years!

Jupiter embraces Pluto in your health sphere this week. Take advantage of this cosmic lucky break by taking your wellbeing to the next level. For some, that might mean addressing the basics. Fresh air, sensible exercise and proper nutrition is a great place to start. In terms of diet, what’s most important is finding the right fit for you. Remember, your body's needs are unique to you.


This week, Mars boosts finances. You may have an epiphany on how to increase your earnings through a solid investment or savings plan. Look out for an opportunity to collaborate with a clever partner too. One word of caution, though; avoid get-rich-quick schemes. They'll have the potential to burn you down the track. Act with caution, and you'll be fine.


Passionate Mars spices up your relationship zone on Sunday. Temperatures are set to soar, so make sure you're trimmed, waxed and prepped for a hot encounter. That goes for singles too! Last-minute date suggestions and hookups are yours if you want them. Don't be afraid to embrace your inner goddess and make the first move, Libra.

Your daily routine needs a shakeup, Scorpio. Motivated Mars gives you a shove in the right direction, but you'll be revved up to make changes all on your own. Look at what you're doing consistently. Is it supporting your wellbeing? If you’ve fallen into a funk, now’s the time to become the mover and shaker you’re destined to be.


Thanks to Jupiter, your planetary guardian angel, you're questioning what's critical and of value to you. As you gain more precise insight, think about what you're worth. Your time, expertise and opinion are of great value, Saggie. But, if you don't put a reasonable price on what you offer, why would anyone else? By week's end, you'll draw a line in the sand.

There’s a mega alignment between Jupiter and Pluto in your sign. These planetary heavyweights bring you your power move. One way or another, Capricorns are being called to step into a leadership role. This could mean you gain a promotion or a new job with more responsibility Or, you speak up in support of a cause close to your heart.


Mars and Saturn hold your hand as you wave goodbye to a negative pattern, toxic relationship or something that has passed its use-by date. As you hammer the final nail in the coffin, thank about what you’ve learnt. So much personal growth has occurred, and you have even reason to feel nostalgic. Still, it’s onwards and upwards from here.

Singles dating a promising love interest begin to fantasise about a future together. There’s a big bunch of cosmic activity triggering your romance sector, suggesting that soon, you’ll make a firm commitment. Other Fish find a mutually beneficial solution to a money puzzle. When it comes to finances, think outside the box.

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