HOROSCOPES: New romances and facing your fears. The week ahead, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning July 19. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

You love with wild abandon, Aries. When you give your heart, you do so with unashamed confidence. This is a beautiful trait that you should never hide or change to suit other people. If others aren’t comfortable with how you express your feelings, that’s their issue to deal with. On Wednesday, the Sun enters your love zone. Singles discover a novel way to connect, while taken Rams receive a romantic message.


This week sees you productive in your home. However, you’re not interior decorating or renovating. Instead, you’re all fired up, thinking about ways in which you can create a successful side hustle from the comfort and convenience of your own four walls. This needn’t provide you with your sole source of income. But an added bonus would be nice.

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You’re learning to set new and improved standards Gemini. If you don’t appreciate and value yourself, how can you expect others to do the same? This issue mostly concerns money, as you examine your earnings. COVID-19 may have messed with your pay packet, but that doesn’t mean what you bring to the table is any less important. Expect to be paid according to your worth.

Some type of separation is likely for Crabs, due to the Sun’s alignment with take-no-prisoners Saturn. Scared? Don’t be. This is for your own good. In fact, you’ll do a happy dance once you’re rid of someone or something that’s been like a ball-and-chain. Tuesday’s rare second consecutive new Moon in your sign is like a breath of fresh air, blowing in a glorious new chapter.


Happy birthday gorgeous Lioness! You love to be the centre of attention. Or do you? Many Leos are actually super shy. So, if that’s you, this week could feel a little weird. Many feel pressured to plan a mega celebration (even if it is an online Zoom event) when all you really want to do is let your birthday go by unnoticed. The important thing is to honour your milestone in your own unique way.

On Wednesday, the Sun enters your mental health sphere. Now is the time to address any lingering concerns that you’ve been losing sleep over. Rather than suppressing the issue, hoping it will go away, try talking about it. If professional help isn’t your cup of tea, open up to a trusted friend or relative. Keeping worries locked up isn’t healthy right now.


La Luna illuminates your zone of reclusion on Thursday. Not only are you encouraged to spend time alone, but also to find more ways of enjoying the solitude. Rather than a prison sentence, try to view ‘me time’ as a gift. You get to do, eat and watch whatever you like! Later, there’ll be time to connect with others. For now, enjoy your freedom.


This week, a health pattern repeats, thanks to Chiron’s retrograde. As the healing asteroid targets your wellbeing sector, consider how you can go about the same thing differently. That means, discard what hasn’t worked for you and try again. You’re likely to have more luck this time around. In the end, your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing will thank you for your tenacity.

The Moon’s Node waves at you on Tuesday, as if to say ‘hey, are you watching and learning?’ This week, you can gain a valuable lesson by observing a friend. If you look closely, you’ll see that their experience mirrors your own circumstances. Be careful to avoid judging this person. Use your smarts Saggie. Look, listen and learn instead.


Household issues that were done and dusted may resurface. Now that mega asteroid, Chiron, has begun its retrograde, take care of leaking taps, cracked tiles and broken appliances. Goats that have recently flown the coup may be urged to move back into the nest. Nevertheless, you should retain your independence. Don't veer off your course.


Have you said all there is to say? Be honest with yourself, Aquarius. Because sweeping your emotions under the rug or making excuses about it not being the right time, isn’t going to fly. Mega asteroid, Chiron, is giving you a second chance to get something juicy off your chest. Once you do, healing can begin. Focus on expressing your feelings rather than getting caught up with words or details.

As the gentlest sign of the zodiac, you tend to run away from stressful circumstances, rather than face them. And this week, that’s precisely what you should do! Find the escape button - and push it! Ignore a friend or family member’s rant. Or, use ear pods with your fave tune, to drown out the kids. Do whatever it takes to maintain your sanity, Pisces.

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