HOROSCOPES: New challenges and reconnection. The week ahead, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning July 12. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Self-reliance is where it’s at if you want to get a major project off the ground. As the week unfolds, your ambitions are met with less resistance, thanks to the end of Mercury’s retrograde. Nevertheless, enlisting help from someone that hasn't yet proven trustworthy isn’t advised. Find the balance between gullibility and shrewd caution. You can do it on your own, Aries.


Healing is granted, but not necessarily the physical type. Who do you need to forgive? Perhaps it’s yourself, Taurus? You can become so fixated on your goals, that it feels like the world is ending when you fail. Stop beating yourself up! Take a moment to reflect on all your talents and interests. Only then will a fantastic new opportunity become clear to you.

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There’s a lesson to be learnt in the wake of a recent challenge. Saturn's clash with the Moon’s Node demands that you graduate from the School of Hard Knocks. Don’t worry, Gemini. You’ll walk away with a diploma that equips you to handle similar difficulties like a Queen. In short, learn the lesson, and you won’t have to attend class ever again.


From the outside, life seems pretty calm. You look like you've got your sh*t together! Yet, there’s so much going on beneath the surface. Mercury stirs up repressed feelings and memories when the thinking planet pokes your sensitive sign. Instead of dealing with things alone, seek support from a partner, friend or expert. This person can help you find emotional freedom.

Stress can actually be a good thing when it pushes you outside of your comfort zone, forcing you to grow. Success awaits, albeit as a result of some type of rejection. Some Lionesses have already seen glimmers of what their end goal entails, and now it's time to push forward. Ignore the naysayers. Be like a diamond that's forged under pressure.


Feeling disconnected from your inner circle? COVID-19 restrictions aside, your social interactions have been less than fulfilling. Rather than feeling rejected or cast aside, think about what you contribute as a daughter, sister or friend. Is your give-and-take ratio askew? Don’t be too hard on yourself, though. Reconnection is yours if you want it badly enough.


You tend to see life through rose-coloured glasses, often putting loved ones upon a pedestal. However, this week removes those rosy specs long enough for you to spot the snake in the grass. By week's end, the Sun and Pluto's alignment stops bullying in its tracks. Remember that you can be charming and gorgeous without allowing others to walk all over you.

Words spoken in haste can now be smoothed over. From Sunday, Mercury’s retrograde is done and dusted. Although the communication planet isn’t up to full speed yet, an opportunity to explain your point of view arises. Your efforts will be appreciated, even if reconciliation isn’t meant to be. Most importantly, you’ll know you did everything in your power to make things right.


You’re the eternal optimist of the zodiac. Yet, this week tests even you. Nevertheless, at the 11th hour, the Sun and Jupiter help you save the day. You’ll be a heroine when you're able to boost a bestie's morale. Keep your sense of humour switched on, Saggie. When others are giving up, you’re reaching for your Superwoman cape!

This week’s sparkling solar activity bestows you with seductive powers. Whether you’re single or taken, you know what you want. And this week, nothing stops you from getting it. Use your irresistible charms to your best advantage, Capricorn. No one worthy of your interest? Manifest an ideal love match by visualising them in your mind’s eye.


Now is a fantastic time to create a vision board. The Sun represents how you wish to shine your light in the world, while Neptune governs dreams and imagination. On Monday, these two cosmic bodies embrace in a rare and beautiful alignment. Cut and paste images of your ideal life goals. Then make your pictures into a beautiful collage and place in a special spot.

Parents receive important news or a message concerning their child or a youth group. Those caught off guard at the start of the week can quickly regain control by drawing on previous experience. Mercury encourages other Fish to lighten up a little! All work and no play isn’t great for your mental health. So, take a breather minus the guilt.

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