HOROSCOPES: The very challenging week ahead, according to your star sign.


Natasha Weber is an astrology genius, and has predicted all of our horoscopes for the week beginning February 24. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook

weekly horoscope

Now that you’ve been offered a new beginning in an important part of your life, how are you going to optimise your path forward? Make this experience better than the last by doing your homework, learning your lessons and researching your options. The more prepared you are to embrace what lies ahead, the better off you’ll be.

taurus horoscope

Mercury is happily playing in your zone of friendships, creating a buzz about an exciting social catch up, party or gathering with your squad. Look out for a new recruit, who will seem quiet and mysterious at first. Once you’ve established a solid mutual connection, you’ll realise how much depth and integrity this person has to offer, and they will recognise and appreciate all of your best qualities too.

GEMINI horoscope

The Moon lights up your relationship zone on Tuesday, giving singles the green light to pursue a new romance. Provided you allow your lover ample freedom, this liaison works well. Couples are advised not to let their insecurities get the better of them. Your partner may not be looking for greener pastures to roam in but instead, be bogged down with responsibilities that lie elsewhere.

cancer horoscope

You may feel as though you’ve had more than your fair share of challenges lately. Keep your vibe high and remember that a diamond is forged under pressure. By week’s end, Mars aligns with the Sun, giving you a chance to shine like a star. Be on the lookout for a golden opportunity that arrives out of the blue. There’s more to it than you think.

leo horoscope

The process of transformation often begins as a small seed germinating in the dark. Allow yourself quiet time and a period of stillness which will give you the opportunity to collect your thoughts. Being crystal clear on your goals is essential. Use Mercury’s connection to the Moon’s Node to help you achieve your heart’s desires but first, you have to know what you want.

VIRGO horoscope

Tap into your inner artist and let your talents soar! Your zone of creativity is being heavily activated. Have you been holding back from pursuing a creative avenue for fear of not being able to sustain yourself financially? Know that everything is now in place for you to take the plunge. Believe in and commit to your gifts.

LIBRA horoscope

A helping hand is being offered to you this week. A work colleague, leader or associate is in a position to elevate your status. Listen and learn from what they have to say and any advice that they are willing to give. There may be a pearl of wisdom that is meant for you but the information or idea may drop in randomly. Be aware and open to receive.

SCORPIO horoscope

Recent events may have left you feeling drained and emotionally numb. You’ve given so much of yourself lately and soon it will be time to replenish your reserves. However, the party isn’t over yet and by midweek you are called upon to dig deep and produce some extra oomph. Take comfort in knowing that you will get your second wind. Just. Keep. Going.


The Moon glows in your sign, connecting with fortunate Jupiter, your planetary ruler, by Wednesday. This is wonderful news for those wanting to expand a business, relocate or travel. Personal growth is on the agenda, either through structured education or a valuable life lesson. Whatever happens, the result is bound to be positive and will leave you with an optimistic outlook.

CAPRICORN horoscope

A falling out with a sibling, coworker or bestie is up for review and repair. Mercury’s alliance with Pluto brings fresh insight into how circumstances transpired in the way that they did. You don’t have to condone bad behaviour but understanding someone else’s perspective brings healing and acceptance your way. You are likely to forgive but not to forget.

AQUARIUS horoscope

With the Sun now well and truly in your cash zone, it’s time to sort through your finances and identify areas that need extra attention. You may need to cut back in some way in order to expand in another. Clever Mercury is willing to help. Listen to an expert or read some sound information that details ways in which you can grow your money tree.

Week horoscopes pisces

Many Fish will be celebrating a birthday over the next three weeks and this week could see you reluctantly receiving an outpouring of affection. Just because you are not a natural attention-seeker, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t indulge in a little adoration every now and then. You deserve to receive. And by week’s end, the Moon will see to it that you do.

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