HOROSCOPES: How this week's full moon will affect you, according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius, and has predicted all of our horoscopes for the week beginning February 17. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook

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By week’s end, La Luna sets up a romantic rendezvous with a unique twist for couples. Cupid aims his arrow at single Rams, inspiring a candlelit dinner, flowers or an impromptu show of affection. There’s no shame in using your divine feminine powers to win what you desire. You are after all, ruled by Mars, the planet of sexual prowess and allure.

taurus horoscope

Approach wealth creation from a different angle when Mercury makes a powerful connection with Jupiter in your cash zone. You have the opportunity to reboot your finances, provided you are savvy and learn from a past mistake or previous over expenditure. You are naturally adept at making monetary magic, so use this dynamic planetary combo to your best advantage this week.

GEMINI horoscope

A plan B may be in order when Mercury tangos with Neptune on Sunday. Having an alternative strategy up your sleeve will ease disruption. Preparation and foresight will get you through anything that the Universe attempts to dish out, so have no fear. In fact, the diversion will serve as a blessing in disguise and you’ll be happy about the change of course in the long term.

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Venus tantalises Neptune at the start of the week, in your relationship sector. You may be caught out if you’ve told a little white lie. If you’ve been scrupulous in your communication, it could be that someone has misunderstood your intention. Make your meaning crystal clear, so that nothing you say can be twisted or misconstrued. Otherwise, you’ll have some explaining to do.

leo horoscope

You usually bedazzle others with your grand style, magnetic personality and natural leadership. However, when Venus dances with Pluto on Saturday, it’s your turn to be won over. It may come as a surprise to meet someone that can match your personal power. Rather than feeling competitive, consider teamwork. Imagine the influence and change you could create together?

VIRGO horoscope

Wednesday’s full Moon is in a power degree of your sign, which means a ton of new opportunities are opening up for you. There’s brand new terrain just waiting to be discovered and all you have to do is reach out and touch it. But in accepting a new beginning, you must close the door on what’s gone stale or has served its purpose. Are you prepared to do that?

LIBRA horoscope

This week’s full moon stirs up your inner landscape, giving you a choice; get clear on your love goals or remain in the fog of uncertainty. Choosing the first option will ensure that your relationship experiences smoother sailing by Friday, when La Luna glows in your sign. Sometimes, a cosmic shake-up instigates the best type of change. You have everything you need to make this work for you.

SCORPIO horoscope

Your heart may be torn in opposite directions when Venus enters a tug of war with powerhouse Pluto on Saturday. On one hand, freeing yourself from the constraints of a relationship seems appealing. On the other, you could deepen your bond with a firm commitment. If you are hoping to fix problems by following through with the latter, then that’s not a good idea. For others, it’s time to bite the bullet.


This week’s full moon spotlights your path towards an improved direction. A new partnership may be formed, fresh love could blossom or a perplexing situation can now be resolved. Pay attention to the options opening up for you, they are intentional signals beckoning you forwards. Don’t be afraid to act upon the signs. A sparkling future awaits.

CAPRICORN horoscope

Loving Venus and powerful Pluto promises an explosion of passion. Indulge in the loved-up feeling but keep your head in the game. Once the blush of romance has dissipated, you may discover that the object of your desires has some flaws. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, unless you had your heart set on perfection. And that’s just not realistic.

AQUARIUS horoscope

You will have a lot on your plate when mega asteroid Chiron activates your information sector on Monday. Multi-tasking and juggling day-to-day commitments will keep you on your toes. You will achieve a great deal and feel a fantastic sense of accomplishment, even though you might have to sacrifice some R&R time. Effort equals reward this week.

Week horoscopes pisces

You are a caring soul and would sooner bear the burden for your loved ones than see them suffer. This week, you need to step back and allow someone close to carry their own cross. They will learn a valuable lesson from their experience and you need to prioritise your own well-being. In the end, this approach benefits you both.

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