HOROSCOPES: How the Jupiter Retrograde will affect your week, according to your star sign.


Natasha Weber is an astrology genius, and has predicted all of our horoscopes for the week beginning April 7. For more from Natasha follow her on Instagram and Facebook

weekly horoscope

A friend confides in you, entrusting you with a secret or a piece of juicy gossip when La Luna slips into your sector of communication. Be very careful about who you open up to. They may attempt to glean you for information, with manipulative motives. It pays to be extra cautious and hold important news close to your chest for now.

taurus horoscope

A plan B is in order when your schedule is tripped up by disruptive Uranus. As a rule, your earthy sign prefers an organised routine. Last minute changes are not usually welcomed by Bulls. This week, having an alternative option up your sleeve will help you feel more in control. But are we ever really? Aim to be fully present in the moment.

GEMINI horoscope

The week begins with the Moon travelling through your subconscious sphere. Unacknowledged emotions or conversations that have been avoided now demand attention. The purpose is not to press your pain button but to help you face an issue that has been creeping under your skin. Once you do, you’ll be surprised at how much lighter you feel.

cancer horoscope

Cancerians with a ring on it find their in-laws to be especially supportive this week. They may help you out of a bind or come to your rescue in some way. Others are offered a guiding light in the form of a good friend or mentor. Just when you think you are backed into a corner; a special person will show up with a solution. Trust their advice.

leo horoscope

Your usual joie de vivre is put to the test with planetary heavyweights Pluto and Saturn in your zone of wellbeing. Triumph over a minor health niggle with plenty of TLC. If you need a day off or an afternoon nap, make it happen. No one needs to know. You’ll have a spring back in your step in zero time and then there’ll be no stopping you.

VIRGO horoscope

Jupiter begins its rewind in your home sector this week, causing renovations or repair work to take a backseat. This causes frustration as you had your heart set on getting things underway. See the delay as an opportunity to make sure your preparations are on point. For others, a family matter requires another look.

LIBRA horoscope

Perseverance gets you over the line when it comes to a test of emotional endurance. If a relative has been on your case, look them square in the eye and face the issue. Don’t be intimidated. Remember, you have powerful Pluto and tenacious Saturn in your corner. The cosmos will give you the strength to stick to your boundaries.

SCORPIO horoscope

It’s not like you to sit on the fence Scorpio. You usually know exactly what you want and how you’d like it served up. But when Jupiter rewinds in your sphere of values, you may find yourself lost and seeking direction. This period of uncertainty is only temporary, offering you a chance to look within. A sliding doors moment will make you glad you stalled.


Feeling down on your luck? Jupiter, your planetary ruler, turns retrograde on Thursday. No, your guardian angel hasn’t abandoned you. You are however, being asked to slow down your hectic pace, so that you don’t miss a wonderful opportunity. Once you taste the treat that is waiting, you may even want to savour it for a while longer.

CAPRICORN horoscope

Venus, the planet of love, kisses Saturn, the planet of commitment and dedication, urging to you get serious about a new connection. Lonely Goats that feel like their soulmate is hiding under a rock should change their approach. Loved-up couples, take on a mortgage, move in together or buy a pet.

AQUARIUS horoscope

La Luna rendezvous with Mars in your zone of romance. Someone you’re interested in is hoping you’ll turn up the heat, so what’s stopping you? A blast from the past returns without warning. Choose your reaction carefully. You can either hold onto resentment or give the other person the benefit of the doubt. The latter will set you free.

Week horoscopes pisces

You’ve had so much on your plate Pisces, but there’s good news. Without realising, you’ve picked up a valuable piece of knowledge that will help you through a sticky situation this week. Although you may feel anxious at first, you’ll impress someone by how well you handle yourself. Trust that you hold the key to turn mayhem into magic.

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