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The one thing 32% of brides regret from their wedding day.





There is no decision fatigue like bridal decision fatigue.

From the important decisions (finding the right dress) to the ridiculous (searching for three months for the perfect cake toppers) it’s near impossible to escape your wedding without a snafu or seven.

I mean, who’s to know in the middle of wedding planning hell that you won’t always love apricot taffeta or frosty pink lipstick?

That’s why I’m not surprised that 82% of women have admitted that they’d change aspects of their wedding day if they could do it over again.

Just like Sarah Jessica Parker who admitted to Harper’s Bazaar she still regrets her black wedding dress, a third of women “cringe” when they look at their wedding dresses now.

Any regrets? The dress? The man? Those shoes?

Thirty-eight per cent of the 1,000 women polled would change the way they did their hair and make-up, 32 per cent said they cringe at the thought of their dress and one in five (21 per cent) would drop at least one of her bridesmaids from the bridal party. Way harsh Tai.

As for putting a ring on it, 39 per cent regret letting their husband choose their engagement ring, and given the chance, a quarter of brides would change their wedding ring.


Considering organisation isn’t one of my strongest skills, I only have on wedding regret. The music. We had a beautiful string quartet playing something beautiful that I can’t recall right now, during the ceremony but our reception music was truly awful.

Mistake number one: We choose a wedding DJ. Mistake number two: We thought he got the memo about our mix of old and new classic dance hits without the cheese. He didn’t.

The dance floor was drained faster than the raspberry cocktails we served once he started down his cheesy 80s medley rabbit hole. He couldn’t be stopped. No matter how many song suggestions my family and friends came up with, he just kept on playing his Worst of the 80s/90s remix.

A band was about three times as much money, but if I could do it all over again, I would definitely ditch the DJ and go for a band. And give them a set list.

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Do you have any wedding regrets? What would you do over?