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TREND: Morning-after wedding photos

You know how wedding proposals have become completely out of control (read about that here)? Well, so have wedding photos.  Recently we told you about the Trash The Dress trend where brides put their frocks back on weeks or even months after the wedding so they can be photographed destroying it in an ‘arty’ way.

And now? Now? The latest thing in wedding photography is not so much about the wedding day or the frock… as what comes after it. And out of it.

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Once you’ve been snapped putting on your veil, walking down the isle, kissing the groom, gazing towards the horizon and posing in awkward formations with your bridal party – you can now invite your photographer to come and shoot you in your marital bed.

Amateur porn in the hotel room? Well that sounds friendly.

You can sit there next to your grandkids in decades to come and lovingly point out the photo while saying “And this is granny and grandpa after we had sex on the first night of our honeymoon! Don’t we look all glowy!”

The New York Daily reports that:

Sexy shoots featuring rumpled beds and steamy showers are a hot new trend within the wedding business. As the seating charts and floral arrangements fade into memory, these intimate photo shoots take place in newlyweds’ bedrooms or even the hotels where they’ve spent their first night as husband and wife.

“We do it very sexy and implied,” said New Jersey-based photographer Michelle Jonné, 34, who charges about $650 for the service.

The collections often share a torrid theme: couples tumbling in the sheets in various stages of undress, baring almost all to their partner and the person behind the lens.

“I wanted to do the shoots to show that [marriage] is happy … it’s sexy and it’s not over,” said Jonné, who is inspired by the lusty Emporio Armani ads featuring shirtless soccer star David Beckham and his equally sultry wife Victoria.

With respect, are we becoming such a narcissistic, photo-obsessed society that no moment in our lives ‘counts’ unless it’s recorded on film? Is nothing private anymore?  Our collective obsession with capturing the ‘perfect moment’ has surely gone too far when we’re paying strangers to take professional post coital photos.

Or are we just being massive fun sponges? Perhaps you think this is a truly fabulous idea and can’t wait to book a shoot in for the morning after your own nuptials? Perhaps if you had a bit of a giggle with the idea, it could be kind of fun.

Do you understand the obsession with capturing every aspect of a wedding? If you’re married, what did your morning-after look like?