A bride is angry at her Maid of Honour for 'stealing her thunder' ahead of her wedding.

If you’re expecting everyone around you to put their lives on hold until your wedding day, how do you even know you’re a bride? Or, a bridezilla, to be precise.

Take, for example, the British mother who recently posted on chat forum Mumsnet about her Maid of Honour daring to have a life in the months leading to her wedding. The MOH’s crime? Getting engaged.

How very dare she.

The bride-to-be explained in a post called “AIBU with my MOH”, (written under her username ‘FireHazrd’- a foreboding indication of what’s to come), that she was getting married in three months’ time, and was concerned her friend would be distracted by her own life, rather than concentrating on hers.

“He didn’t propose, they just sort of agreed on it,” the woman explained, inferring the inferiority of her friend’s engagement.

Whilst she assured everyone that she’s “delighted” for her friend, she’s also “pissed off” that the couple didn’t think of her, first.

FireHazrd also knows that her MOH is prone to be easily distracted into thinking of her own life – for example, when she dragged her along to a wedding fair and the friend dared to utter what she might want for her own wedding.

The bride-to-be even accused her friend of “forever doing stuff the minute I decide to and randomly tagging on to my interests” – because it is entirely uncommon for women to become engaged and get married.


A screenshot of the post. Source: Mumsnet

FireHazrd put the final nail in her coffin when she chose to have a hearty pity party about how hard her life has been:

"I've waited nearly TEN years to have this wedding, I had to finish college, get well after being very sick, survive my parents both passing, save thousands to afford the bloody thing, and a whole heap of other things. I need this. I need the fuss. I deserve my day, right? I've waited so damn long for this."

Determined to go down in a blaze of glory, FireHazrd also implied her friend had orchestrated the engagement to mess with her; "probably instigated the whole thing."


But in case any of us were wondering, the woman concluded with the assertion that the MOH "is my best mate", and despite her reckless, criminal selfishness, she would allow her to continue to be part of her wedding.

How very generous of her.

Then, in the most delusional sentence that's ever been typed, FireHazrd asks the group:

"Am I being a horrible bridezilla type?"

Um, that would be a resounding yes.

This sentiment was reflected in the dozens of comments on the post by other group members. Here are the glorious highlights:

"You sound like a jealous 7-year-old. Grow up."

"Come November 12th [the day after the wedding] you're going to have to find a new hobby.Stop being a b**h and go back to your napkins."

A screenshot of the post. Source: Mumsnet

"Absolutely. They don't need to put their lives and plans on hold because you're getting married. Your fiance should be helping you with your wedding stuff."

"I didn't even read past the first paragraph... my god your are being very very unreasonable. Complete bridezilla. I hope you at least congratulated your friend."

"It sounds like she's not even truly a friend op because if she was you'd have been genuinely delighted for her. Get over yourself!"

"Why would anybody factor in your wedding in them getting engaged? It's irrelevant. You're a total bridezilla, your poor friend."

"It's interesting that in talking about your big day and what you deserve and blah blah blah you never once mention your husband to be. Comes across as very shallow like you just want your big day and the groom is just a co-star."

We agree that "blah blah blah" sums up the post perfectly.

BUT if you thought the response is harsh, there's a plot twist: FireHazrd jumps into the comments to defend herself.

A screenshot of the post. Source: Mumsnet

But really, all she does is repeat how selfish her friend is - and even calls her "psychotic".

In the most ironic comment of all time, the woman's final word on the topic is, "Things about me tend to rapidly turn into things about her."

Our thoughts and prayers are with FireHazrd's future husband.

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