'What should I wear today?' Your guide to the weather around the country.

Remember how your mum always told you to ‘take a jacket’ when you left the house, just in case there was a sudden chill?

Consider this that little voice in your head before you leave the house so you know exactly what you need to put on.

Fear not, friends, we’re here to help – here’s today’s forecast for our capital cities today.


Hey, Radelaide, you’ve got a maximum of 19 degrees today with cloudy skies, so a cardigan or a light jacket is in order.

There’s a slight chance of a shower in the city’s south, so keep that ‘just in case’ umbrella stashed under your desk.


Hold tight, Brisbane. Your rainy days are almost over…it should be mostly sunny for you today although there is a chance of a thunderstorm in the early morning.

The top will be 27 degrees today, so if you aren’t still happy sheltering from the storm watching Netflix and you need to venture outside, no need for long pants.


A mostly sunny day for Canberra today with a top of 21 degrees. Keep doing you, and ditch the jumper for a T-shirt. We believe in you.


While the temperature will reach 34 degrees today, there’s a 50 per cent chance of a thunderstorm heading your way. Umbrellas at the ready, folks.


Just like Adelaide, your top temp will be 19 degrees. It’s a little cloudy with winds picking up in the evening, so take a jacket to your Friday night drinks.


You’ll wake up to some light fog this morning, Melbourne, and your temperature will reach a partly cloudy 18 degrees.

Jeans on a Casual Friday? We think yes.


Perth, you are the place to be in Australia today: sunny, a top of 29 degrees and a 0 per cent chance of rain.

What are you doing at work? Get outside and enjoy that stunning last day of March weather.



We know you’re sick of the rain, guys. But there might be more headed your way: there’s a 60 per chance more showers will hit near the coast.

While the top will be 23 degrees, there’s still a dangerous surf warning out, so the beach is not the best place to be today.

We recommend a fun dress (it is Friday, after all) and a pair of gumboots for some lunchtime puddle jumping.

Burdekin, Queensland

Hate to break it to you, but there is a strong chance of sharks in your neighbourhood today.

A metre-and-a-half bull shark was discovered washed up in a puddle in Ayr, near Burdekin after Cyclone Debbie made landfall earlier in the week.