Tomorrow is our chance to show Allison Baden-Clay's daughters that their mother mattered.

Bec wearing yellow

Tomorrow I am personally asking you for a favour. Me to you.

I want you to wear yellow.

It doesn’t matter what it is. A bright yellow bangle. A lemon yellow necklace. A daffodil yellow scarf or ribbon in your hair. Yellow socks. A yellow brooch. A yellow dress or t-shirt or skirt or pants. Cough * Your husbands rather tragic Paramatta Eels jersey. *Cough

Just do me a favour and – if you can – wear something with yellow in it on Friday.

Because tomorrow is “Wear Yellow and Strive To Be Kind Day” in honour of the much loved and dearly missed Allison Baden-Clay.

Wear Yellow Day was devised by Allison’s school friend Dee Hudson (with the blessing of Allison’s parents) to raise money for Allison’s three girls and to promote the quality for which Allison is best remembered: kindness.

The day also – and perhaps more importantly –acts as a love letter to Allison from the Australian people so that Allison’s daughters know that their mother mattered; that she left a lasting legacy. And that while the news cycle has moved on – she has not and will not be forgotten.

Yellow was Allison’s favourite colour.

Says Dee, “For the third year now we are holding “Wear Yellow Day for Allison and Strive to Be Kind” whereby the community is encouraged to be consciously compassionate. Allison was a selfless and kind woman, so we are encouraging the community to BE that kindness, spread it around …

“Wear Yellow Day has become a living scrapbook for Allison’s daughters, who are certainly feeling the love of the community right now.”

With a heartbreaking story like Allison’s it’s easy to become fixated on the last hours of a person’s life – how they died, when they died and why. But in truth, that doesn’t do justice to honouring the value and contribution a person made for all the years they were alive as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, work colleague and friend.

So on Friday, wear something yellow and donate a gold coin to the Late Allison Baden-Clay Children’s Trust to help provide financial support for the three young girls left behind.

And perhaps most importantly of all – carry on Allison’s legacy of kindness. Let’s show Allison’s daughters that their mum’s life shined so bright that the rays are yet to dim.

For more details about Wear Yellow For Allison Day go here.

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