11 small pick-me-ups that will make a huge impact on a terrible day.

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We all have those days – work slammed you, you had an argument with a friend or partner, or for some weird reason, you just feel down.

STOP. Resist the urge to crawl up into a ball and instead, give one of these tried and tested terrible day hacks a go.

We promise they’ll make you feel better, even if it’s just a little.

1. Phone call to a best friend.

Yes, pick up the phone or arrange a skype call. Speaking to another human may be the last thing you want to do, but trust us, it works a treat. They’ll sympathise and comfort you if you want to talk about it, or distract you by talking about something totally different.

You’ll feel better after having a chat AND crossed something off your to-do list.

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2. Wine

Or cider. Or tequila, or vodka if it's been a particularly bad day.

3. Put on your favourite movie.

Doesn't matter whether it's a Disney classic, crappy rom-com or a violent horror film, just sit back and enjoy the familiarity of a good film that you know isn't going to disappoint.

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4. Take a bath.

Hot water, bubbles, relaxing music (you can even throw in a good book for good measure). For extra happiness, add in a brightly coloured bath bomb.  Caution though - don't drop your book IN the bath - that will only make the day worse... (Post continues after gallery.)

5. Ice Cream.

The good stuff. Forget about a bowl, grab a spoon, the tub and a blanket and enjoy yourself. We particularly recommend Ben and Jerry's Half Baked for fixing ANY problem.

Bridget Jones knows what's up.

6. Have a cuddle.

It doesn't matter whether it's your partner, your sibling, your child (however unwilling!) or even a teddy bear.


7. Hug your pets.

While we're on the topic of embracing, your dog/cat/budgie/fish loves you unconditionally - and it's got to be said they give good hugs. Gather them close and complain about how terrible human beings are. (Post continues after gallery.)

8. Go for a walk.

Putting on some headphones and going for a walk is a great way to let off steam. It takes your mind off things AND it's good for your health. For extra value, try turning off your music and listening to a podcast (like Mamamia Outloud) instead.

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9. Hot Shower.

If you don't have time for a bath, a hot shower can be just as effective at making you feel refreshed and relaxed. It gives you time to think (and dramatically cry if you're so inclined).

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Oh, and do yourself a favour - use the good body wash that you only save for special occasions. Now is one of those times.

10. Make Nachos.

They're quick, they're tasty and really, who can be mad at the world when there's a piping hot, cheese-covered plate of nachos to be eaten?

11. Think Positively.

Let yourself wallow in today, then go to sleep and move on. Tomorrow is another day - who knows what will happen? Maybe you'll find a five dollar note on the pavement, run into an old friend or meet the love of your life - or the shoes of your dreams. Either way, better times are ahead.

How do you pick yourself up after a bad day? Let us know your tips below.