Inside former AFL star Warwick Capper's new brothel.

During my twenties I was invited to a party at a Gold Coast penthouse. I didn't know whose it was, but - always up for a good time back then - I went along, knowing only that the host was an ex-footy star.

About an hour into the party, the host strode onto the rooftop, wearing nothing but neon pink speedos. The man was Warwick Capper and the party was wild, with Capper projecting the same personality for his guests he often did for the camera and - from what I'd heard - the footy crowds back in the day. 

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He'd have been in his early forties at the time, and I was too young to remember him on the footy field, but his post-footy antics meant I did know who he was. 

For those who don't, here's a bit of background. 

As well as being a top AFL player, ranking 108th in all-time AFL goals, Capper was known for his long blonde hair, tight shorts, pink boots and flamboyancy on and off the field. 

After his footy career ended, he remained in the spotlight, thanks to his showmanship, antics and odd career ventures, including selling a sex tape, running against Pauline Hanson in an election, traffic controlling and stripping. 


Having recently entered his sixth decade, Capper is back in the spotlight thanks to a new business venture, entered into off the back of newly introduced Victorian sex work laws, that he says legitimises and de-stigmatises the industry.

"I jumped at the chance to buy into my old local Oakleigh neighbourhood, with Westminster Secrets having been around since the 1980s," Capper tells Mamamia

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Capper is the proud new co-owner of Oakleigh-based brothel, Westminster Secretsbrothel, a venture he says he's been keen on since first dipping his toe into the industry. 

"It started with my pretty promiscuous early days, which rolled into making some films and being paid to escort myself," says Capper. 

"After footy, I had a big reputation, a big ****, and a lot of time on my hands. So for me it was an easy ride into adult work. And I've loved every minute of it!"

His local 'star power' is already drawing in business too, with the business receiving plenty of calls from men hoping to meet their footy idol. 

"But this place isn't about coming in to see me, it's all about the lovely service providers that work here. I do go in occasionally but I don't want to take the limelight away from the girls."

He doesn't want to distract them either.

"They love me. Which is why I've been told to stay away during business hours - I'm a distraction," he says.

So, what does he do? While he stays out of the way during the workday, outside of those hours, it's a different story, and Capper has already invested a stack of cash into renovations. 


"I will keep up my weekly visits to check in with our team and will host a summer BBQ in the car park, our annual Kris Kringle - I've got the nice and naughty list compiled. Really, I'm there to profile our venue, attract and interview new staff - which we need - and support the needs of our workers."

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Life as a brothel owner - when you're Warwick Capper.

The fun stuff.

Besides the after-hours maintenance and monthly meet-ups with the team, Capper says he's had some "awesome day by-day jobs". 

"I picked the pink paint and re-tiled the new double shower areas which are sexy and have a reflective sheen," he says. "I installed the new stripper pole in our premium room and gave it a wiz, not that I'm built for pole work. But one of the girls gave us a demo and her approval."

He also takes care of staff outfits, catering for the broad range of requests that come from clients. 

"I jumped online and bought a heap of sexy outfits for the girls. That was pretty fun. We have some requests for costumes and themes so we accommodate with what suits our girls."   

"One of our girls offers some kink and bondage, but to be honest most bookings are pretty straight up and down. We have a lot of happy customers."

Then there's recruitment, a process that's currently underway. 

"I'm currently meeting new applicants which has been fun. Women of all ages and backgrounds work in this area, and I have some set questions I can ask to keep me on track in interviews," he laughs. 

"We have our car park barbeque coming up that I'm organising and I've got some fun costumes in mind for the day. I love a dress up and it makes everyone happy to see me being 'The Wiz'.

"Each day I post to Instagram or social media which has been a new skill for an old dog."


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The serious stuff.

While Capper is clearly enjoying his new role and business venture, his passion for the industry, and ensuring his team members are both safe and respected, also shines through. 

For one thing, don't call his employees 'escorts'. 

"Service providers is their official name," Capper explains. "As an old timer, I feel pretty aware of keeping things super safe and respectful for the women, and especially the younger women."


Capper says the venue has serious guidelines and a strong culture which values safety, cleanliness, discretion and respect.  

Westminster Secrets attracts a range of clients, made up of mostly "blokes and a few couples", who are mostly repeat customers, he says. 

"It really has a welcoming 'home away from home' feel which keeps the regulars happy. A lot of tradies on their lunch breaks during the day, and a vast array of locals and passersby at night. With the occasional party boy on the way home on a Friday and Saturday night."

While there are a few out-of-the-box requests, Capper says most clients are "fairly mainstream". Either way, he says, service providers have complete control and autonomy over the clients they see, and what they do in a booking. 

"We provide reassurance and protection. All rooms have hygiene products and condoms."

The final parts of the Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill 2022 - that will repeal offences for consensual sex work between adults, abolish the licensing system and legalise street-based sex work in some areas - came into effect in December this year, with the repeal of the sex work licensing and registration framework. 

Parts of the new laws came into effect back in March 2023, with consensual sex work offences removed; a new protected attribute of "profession, trade or occupation" added to the Equal Opportunity Act; and a new offence created to prevent street-based sex work near schools, childcare services, and places of worship between 6am and 7pm and on holy days.


The industry will be regulated through regular planning, occupational health and safety, and other regulations that apply to all Victorian businesses.

"Decriminalising our work gives our service providers a comfort to choose where and when they work, and to seek out services and support they need without the fear of 'self-incrimination'," says Capper. 

"For our girls, it's an acknowledgment of their work as being of value, respected and recognised like any other 'job'."

According to Capper, it's about time.  

"A highlight for me has been getting to know the range of women who choose to work in this industry - we have some staff who have been with Westminster for over 20 years," says Capper. 

"It's been really cool to know we are providing an essential and valued service. We have NDIS customers and old fellas who otherwise would not have the companionship or intimacy - there's a lot of need out there."

At Capper's venue, clients will pay $280 an hour, with Capper taking a 50 per cent cut. 

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