Voulez-Vous: Art that is 'a bit like a Nick Cave song'.


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A bit like a Nick Cave song. That’s how Sydney-based artist and photographer Sarah Dugan describes her work.

Her images are deep, and give you a sense of eeriness when you look at them. And that’s exactly how she wants you to feel.

Take a look:


Dugan was raised in the outback town of Wallgett in NSW, and says she draws upon her upbringing and influences to create art that represets the varied Australian landscape. 

“I want to represent and explore these desolate places which exist in reality and are also part fiction” she told Mamamia.

“I want the audience to consider the narrative and imaginative elements of reading a landscape and how this may lead to feelings of anxiety… the feelings of eeriness that a landscape can instill upon a person.”

If you’ve ever driven through country Australia, you’ll understand the vastness and eeriness that Dugan depicts.  It can be a desolate place that seems both beautiful and lonely.

Dugan’s images aim to challenge people’s views of country Australia – and they are well thought out. It’s not just taking a picture of a tree in a paddock. It’s planning a narrative, shooting it, and then editing the work. “The process can take up to a year  just to create one work” she says.

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