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He saw her on The Voice. Contacted her on Facebook. Last week, they got married.

As far as “how did you meet?” stories go, this one is fairly hard to beat.

When Paul Miller happened to see Perth singer Louise Anton’s audition on The Voice in 2013, he was immediately pretty smitten.

So he did what any self-respecting 21st century Casanova would do – a bit of innocent social media “stalking”.

Louise Anton and Paul Miller.

After asking her out via Facebook three times, his persistence paid off – Anton finally said yes.

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And ten months later, she said yes again – after he proposed immediately after finishing the 19.7km Rottnest Channel Swim for charity (yep, he had the diamond ring strapped to his ankle the whole time. Now that’s commitment).

Louise on her wedding day.

Louise admitted that she was originally quite hesitant to meet up with her “stalker” – but she was won over by Paul’s politeness when he began his Facebook messages with “Dear Louise.”

The loved-up couple appeared on Today this morning where they shared snaps from their recent wedding on Rottnest Island.

Scenes from the wedding.

Louise and Paul are now spending time with Paul’s three children who are visiting Australia from England. They plan on honeymooning later in the year.

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Congratulations you two – WHAT A STORY.

How did you meet your partner – can you beat Louise and Paul’s story?

 This was the audition that caught Paul’s eye: