A groom-to-be was accused of cheating in a viral post. Now he says his life is ruined.

A groom-to-be has been accused of cheating on his fiancée in a viral Facebook post.

23-year-old Jack Troutt was holidaying with friends in Ibiza when a stranger posted a photo of him on Facebook accusing him of cheating.

“If this is your boyfriend Jack staying at the Azuline Bergantin hotel Ibiza him and his friends have been proudly discussing that he cheated on you last night Hun #binhim,” the post shared by fellow tourist Steph Kendall read.

Steph was sitting near Jack and his friends around the hotel pool when she heard the boys talking about their previous relationships.

Jack believes Steph may have misheard the conversation and thought the boys were talking about what had happened the night before.

“I don’t even know her, she was just sitting on a sunbed next to me while I was talking to a couple of mates about previous relationships and stuff like that,” Jack told The Mirror.

Jack Troutt was accused of cheating. Image: Facebook.

"Somehow she claims to have heard me specifically say that I slept with a girl last night."

After noticing the viral Facebook post and receiving messages from concerned friends and family, Jack decided to confront Steph.

But when he met her face to face, Steph couldn't recall the exact words Jack said that insinuated that he had cheated.

"For me, that just makes me wonder how she's come to this point that she's able to say I said these words," Jack said.

"I haven't done anything to her... I tried to confront her and at the same time, she just kept walking away from me."

Viral FB
Steph Kendall, who was staying at the same hotel as Jack, shared the post on Facebook. Image: Facebook.

After receiving endless abuse online and fearing that his boss at work would see the post, Jack attempted to report the Facebook post – but Facebook failed to respond.

"It kept getting shared and shared and shared," Jack told The Mirror.

After being up for 24 hours, the Facebook post, which received more than 10,000 likes and more than 15,000 shares was removed by Steph.

The post remained on Twitter however with Love Island's Katy McDermott tweeting the image of Jack to her 357,000 followers with the hashtag #binhim.

"Lads who cheat on their girlfriends whilst on holiday should always be outted! #BinHim," Katy wrote.

The tweet has since been removed.

Jack, who works in a law firm, insists he didn't cheat on his fiancée.

Jack and his fiancée Lucia. Image: Facebook.

"I haven't kissed another woman or even kissed another woman on the cheek on this holiday," Jack told The Mirror.

"In the post, she claims I said I slept with someone the previous night. I have two mates of mine who were witnesses there and those sentences never came out of my mouth."

Jack, who proposed to his girlfriend Lucia in January last year, has been in a relationship for two years. He says the viral post has crippled his relationship.

"My partner is talking about how she's not willing to even get married," he admitted.

"At the moment I'm clutching onto straws to try and keep everything together, but it's really difficult.

"She may not want to be with me by the time I get back."

Jack and Lucia. Image: Facebook.

In an interview with The Sun Online, howeverJack's fiancée Lucia Ghahramani has said the wedding is "absolutely still on".

"I don't believe the girl. I know Jack and this girl is just attention seeking," Lucia said.

Jack believes the solution is tougher regulations on social media.

"I just think something needs to be put in place where posts like that where you could ruin people's lives without having the concrete evidence," Jack told The Mirror.

"I am distraught. I am depressed. I am devastated, shocked. I'm in a lot of pain really, emotionally.

"I am sure I am not the first person this has happened to and I know I won't be the last."