Remember that one time it was okay to feed your baby cocaine?

In 2015, all advertisements are governed by a code of practice.

BORING right? Well you might be thanking our code of conduct overlords after you take a look at these vintage ads.

And hey, maybe in the following print ads, they weren’t even knowingly “pushing the boundaries“. Perhaps unwittingly, it was all in a day’s work to give a baby cocaine to alleviate a toothache or be physically punished by your husband for making his long black too hot. Or to do this.



Whilst it seems like these could never have been acceptable in any kind of society, modern or otherwise, history tells us that they very much were. And whether this came down to lack of facts or regulation, we may never know.

So although it may feel as though we are living in quite the regimented and politically correct advertising landscape these days, the alternative, as depicted in these vintage ads, will make you rather thankful that this is the case.

Actually let us show you 23 of the most astonishing vintage advertisements that would be banned today because unless you see them, I doubt you will believe them.


 1. Van Heusen ties.

Because being a woman was all about submission and making sure he was satisfied.



2. Kelloggs Obesity Elixer

If you could just not be fat, yeah, that'd be great.


3. Cocaine Toothache Drops

Instantaneous alright, because those kids were off their FACES


 4. Chubbettes Fashion

Chubbettes fashion. For all those 11 year old girls out there who were about have MASSIVE weight issue problems after their Mums bought them clothes from Chubbettes.


5. Dr. Batty's Asthma cigarettes

Well we know NOW of course that cigarettes are the last thing you should be getting involved with if you are prone to asthma. Dr Batty was clearly the WORST kind of doctor.


 6. Colgate Dental Cream


Moral of the story: You could be DEAD ugly but as long as you've got minty smelling breath, you get the guy.



 7.  Schlitz Beer


How does 'Go fuck yourself sound?'


8. Penis reduction pills

Oh, at least this time they've REDUCED THE CANCER CAUSING INGREDIENTS.


 9. Love Cosmetics

OH no it's not.



10. Tipalet

You guys should totally follow this advice. If you want to wind up forever alone.



 11. Lucky Strike Cigarettes


St. Nick needs to lay off the durries if he wants to make it next Christmas.



 12. PEP Vitamins

OH, so THAT'S what I've been doing wrong!

 13. Chase and Sanborn Coffee


Because letting the coffee go stale was always a valid excuse for your husband to beat you right?


 14. Unknown "intimate wash"

Please Dave, let me just wash my vagina properly and this can ALL go away!



15. Camel cigarettes

I can only imagine that this "Doctor" had a few regrets. Encouraging others to contract lung cancer being one.


16. Mr Legg's Slacks

What a guy!


 17. Dropson's Grinders

Oh, I think you're about to find out EXACTLY where Daddy went.


18.  Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter

Well yes. Pretty much EVERY time.


19. Marlboro Cigarettes

I don't even know where to start with this one. The hat? Scolding a baby? Needing a ciggie to calm down?


20. Cola

You know, that or breast milk...

21. Olive Oil soap


Start loving yourself honey, get that inside glow.


I think we can all agree, these adverts are not only laughable, they're also sickening. From a time when a woman was treated as an object, I think it's fair to say, we've come a long way.


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