Here's how the Victoria's Secret Angels stay fit. Yes, it's extreme.

Images via Instagram

Maybe you are one of those people who is able to look at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show without wanting to dive head first into the nearest bar of chocolate. Or maybe you use the parade to inspire you to workout harder on the soft sand.

But if like us, you’re feeling a little bit shit about the cavalcade of ridiculously toned bodies flooding your Instagram and Facebook feeds this morning, then you should know this: they have to work bloody hard to get those bodies. We’re talking barre body, weights, burpees, rounds of ab crunches and bootcamp. Feel better yet? No? Keep on reading for a snapshot of their fitness routines in the lead up to the fashion show.

Um, have you ever noticed that all Victoria’s Secret models look the same?

Karlie Kloss

The Nike ambassador is super dedicated to her workouts. Even after a gruelling day promoting the VS show with her fellow Angels, the 22-year-old still managed to squeeze in a workout.

“Last night after a 17 hour day running around London with the @VictoriasSecret #Angels and attending the #BFAs, I squeezed in a midnight work out with my trainer #JustinGelband to get ready for the #VSFashionShow (Dedication....or insanity?)”

Adriana Lima

Brazilian model Adriana Lima is Victoria’s Secret longest-serving Angel - wait, that makes it sound a bit like a prison sentence. The now 33-year-old has been an Angel since 2000, and credits boxing and her personal trainer, Michael Olajide, Jr. at New York City's Aerospace gym, for keeping her fit.

“Please stop saying you’re #blessed”

The mum-of-two cuts down on sodium right before the show to avoid bloating and has previously spoken about her controversial ‘no solids’ rule in the lead up to walking the runway. FYI: nutritionists and health experts do not recommend any normal person do this.

Alessandra Ambrosio

According to the mum-of-two’s blog, Ale (as she is known) tries to workout at least once a day with a variety of different methods, such as Barry’s Bootcamp, Bar Method, Pilates, spin classes and Yoga.


“One workout is a lot of weights and the other is no weights at all, so I think it’s a balance,” Ambrosio says.

She revealed that if she wasn’t a model, she could see herself as a Yoga instructor. “Yoga calms me down and also keeps me lean – it makes exercise feel easy.”

And if it's Victoria's Secret Angels' hair you're envious of, Anthony Nader (of Raw salon in Surry Hills) has come to the rescue. Here's how-to get Candice Swanepoel's rippled waves.

1. On freshly washed hair squeeze a tennis ball size of firm hold mouse onto the roots and mid lengths and rake through the product thoroughly with your fingers.
2. Blast your hair 80% dry with your hairdryer then divide the hair into two equal sections and clip the top half away to make it easier.
3.Once the underneath is done, now you can place in your natural part line and smooth over the top section now and with a little lift on the roots.
4. Now divide the hair in the same way again like at the start, turn on two of your largest hot barrel tongs and use the same size barrel every 2nd section and the other one in between. By doing this the hair texture will look more natural rather than all the same uniform curl which is the key here.
5.Start at the front from your hairline and now just wind the mid lengths in a backward direction and leaving some random ends out.
6.While you’re doing this, there’s no need to be precise with your sections as you want the “rippled undone” waves to be haphazardly placed so it looks “real” .
7.Unclip the top section and do the very same her and don’t go past the mid lengths and we want to roots to look more natural with body rather than artificially looking with a big waves on the top area.
8.Once complete, shake out the waves to get that instant lived in hair look and give your strands a light smoothing over with your palms.
9.For added volume on the roots, use a dry shampoo on the area most desired and massage in and give your hair a flick and your ready for your own runway now.

Squats, anyone?