Victoria Beckham shares the sad backstory behind one of Spice World’s most iconic scenes.


Let’s take a short break from discussing the royals, to talk about everyone’s other favourite Brits… the Spice Girls.

While it’s been a long time since Victoria Beckham retired as Posh Spice, the now renowned fashion designer cannot ignore how she first found fame. Especially because her seven-year-old daughter Harper is obsessed with the group’s 1997 film Spice World (aren’t we all?).

Victoria features on the cover of November’s Vogue Australia, and in an interview with the magazine she said the movie is on heavy rotation on Harper’s iPad.

While her daughter finds her mother’s fashion choices in the film “hilarious”, Victoria said she really didn’t want to wear the short camo-print dress seen in one of the film’s most recognised scenes.

Victoria Beckham Spice World

"When I filmed that, they made me wear a little army dress instead of the combat pants everyone else was wearing and I was really upset at the time because my weight throughout the Spice Girls went up-down-up-down and I really didn’t want to wear a tight little camouflage dress," she said.

Thankfully, seeing it through the eyes of her daughter has changed how she feels about the scene.

"But now Harper looks at it and she finds it really hilarious. ‘Mummy, why are you wearing that mini-dress?’ You have a whole other appreciation for that movie when you watch it years later."

Harper also loved Spice World’s iconic Gucci dress moment.

"She does the dance and she says: 'Is it a Gucci dress? Is it a Gucci dress? I want a little Gucci dress.' And then she asks me: 'Mummy, what’s a Gucci dress?'"

Victoria is seen as the Spice Girl who left it all behind - she has refused to take part in a reunion tour - and said her heart was never fully in it.

"I knew as a woman what I wanted …what I really, really wanted," she said, referencing one of the best sing-a-long songs of all time, don't fight me on this.

By the way, Vogue said she claimed Wannabe was never a favourite...


"I always wanted to do fashion, so I was lucky that music was never my main passion," she said.

"For the other girls it was. Every day someone says: 'Are you going on tour? You’re the one who’s stopping it.' For me, there was always something else I wanted to do. Plan B, phase two. Even when I was in the group, on tour, I was always more interested in not just the costumes but the lighting and the set design. It was never just about getting on stage and dancing around."

This year marks 10 years of her namesake fashion label, so that Plan B has been just as successful as her music career...

But please Victoria, the people want a reunion. We really really want a reunion.