Why Victoria Beckham wears her pants two sizes too big.

A recent headline from E! News read, “Victoria Beckham’s Orange Trousers Are Large and in Charge”

You are permitted a minute to laugh.

Now down to business: They are, though. Look at these. So large. So in charge. And yes, very orange. (You could almost say that we’re having a moment.)

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It’s not just the wide leg. It’s the dropped waistband (which seems to be held up largely by optimism and constant movement). And the draping-on-the-floor-even-past-high-heels length.

Beckham’s pants are enormous.

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If your pants aren’t at least 10 sizes too large, they simply aren’t fashion. They might not even be pants. I don’t know, I’m not a designer.

Beckham is, though.

Shaynna Blaze explains how black clothes are the perfect base to any outfit. (Post continues after audio.)

And the big-pant lesson is one she’s kindly repeated for us over and over. Your top half can be body-con (although billowy shirts preferred, please), but your bottom half is for your big girl pants.

Your enormous girl pants.

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Very billow. Much size. So pants.

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In her own collections, she cuts even looser (very, very literally). According to Beckham, you are just not chic unless your pants are trailing over the clifftops and down to the sea.

Or at the very least, over your slippers.

It has to be said, there are practical uses for such enormous pants. You can probably camp in them. And you also get a lot of freedom of movement. So you can do things like this.

You’re welcome.

High kicks in Cannes X I ❤️@Evalongoria Good night Cannes X #Girlsgirl x ???????? VB

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