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The rather difficult grammar quiz that 'only four per cent of people' nail.


We all love a fruitless reason to inflate our little egos. We don’t mind proving ourselves. We love knowing our basic numeracy and literacy skills are as good as ever.

Enter: A very basic, 20-question grammar test that, according to the creator, only four per cent of people will answer every question correctly.

Because what better way to spend your weekend on tiny tests that affect no one but your own smug grammar ego?

The test, created by Playbuzz, goes as follows:

And the answers?

1. Crises

2. Sheep

3. Humans

4. Roofs

5. Memos

6. Dignoses

7. Elves

8. Criteria

9. Culs-de-sac

10. Emphases

11. Cellos

12. Moose

13. Fungi

14. Oxen

15. Oases

16. Halves

17. Atlases

18. Bison

19. Species

20. Appendices

How did you go? Do you think the test is legit, or lacklustre? Let us know in the comments!

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