"I really liked it when I tried it on in the shop. Then my husband started laughing."

You can’t unsee it.

You know the feeling when you happily buy a new item of clothing, but when you try it on at home, there’s something about it that just isn’t quite right.

A Wayne by Wayne Cooper dress is causing that exact phenomenon for women across the country.

Why? Because the print looks like its covered in vaginas.

Blogger School Mum said she recently bought the dress from Myer.

“I rather liked it when I tried it on in the shop,” she wrote on her blog.

“Anyways when I got home I put it on for my husband to see what he thought and within a split second he was struggling to hold his laughter back.

Image via Facebook.

“When you see it… you see it… and you can never unsee it!!”

She said her husband has officially named it ‘The Dance Of The Seven Vs’ for the seven vagina-like images covering the dress.

And she’s not the only one seeing vajayjay.

One woman posted in response: “I tried it on with my 15 year old daughter in the change room. She burst out laughing ‘take it off mum!!'” Image via Facebook.
Another woman wrote: “Wonder if the Myer staff get a kick out of their customers laughter?” Image via Facebook.

And the best news is you could be the proud owner of the internet-famous frock. It’s still available at Myer for $219.

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Spring racing outfit sorted.

Now to find a matching fascinator…