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cathiurban1959 June 19, 2020

I'd prefer a more honest description of what it's really like to give birth. I was terrified back in the mid 1980's as none of my friends were honest with me, except for one, and even then I had others tell me not to listen to her. If I'd taken note of what she'd said,  or asked more questions, I'd have be more prepared and it wouldn't have been such a traumatizing experience or such a shock.  I have 3 daughters aged, 33, 31 and 26 and I was very honest with my girls. They knew what to  possibly expect,  thanks to my upfront honesty over the years. They were prepared and handled it so much better than I did back in the days when it was all hush hush. I have 4 grandchildren now and another 2 on the way.

Cathi de Vriend January 7, 2019

I'm old enough to remember the old belt and Modess system from back in the Dinosaur Era! Ha ha! As for this look; I don't even know what to say, but the comments are hysterically funny!

Cathi de Vriend January 3, 2019

I really enjoyed watching this!

Cathi de Vriend May 18, 2017

She's a walking heart attack just waiting to happen, or should I say; a sitting duck! How can anyone in their right mind intentionally do this to themselves? I don't blame him as it's her decision - he's just along for the ride. After all the damage is done, he can just walk away and get on with life. I find this so sad...

Cathi de Vriend March 18, 2017

The best thing about winter - goodbye fluid retention!

Cathi de Vriend October 27, 2016

So, I guess he won't be listening to Mariah's music in his Bentley anymore...

Cathi de Vriend October 6, 2016

I was thinking the same thing as I read the article...

Cathi de Vriend August 26, 2016

I fully understand what you mean... I have an adult daughter that has tried to control and bully me all her life. I tried to stop it when she was young, but she was manipulative, spiteful and nasty - not only towards me, but to others, including her sisters. She called me on the phone almost three years ago, put me down, judged me, criticized me, and carried on with her usual manipulation tactics whilst I tried to patiently defend myself with tears rolling down my cheeks. Whilst this was happening, I was also trying to deal with watching the love of my life dying from terminal cancer. She told her sister she wished me dead, that no man would ever want me or would put up with me, then tried to turn the story around and get my mum and brothers to turn against me. She worked on them for almost 3 months before any of them told me, except for my mother, who fully supports me as she knows me better than anyone else. She's also witnessed what my daughter is like. One brother is fully supportive, one is staying neutral but has offered me no support, and the other one is on her side. She's wiped my mum and her youngest sister also. I have 2 granddaughters aged 4 and 1 that I no longer see... I'm heartbroken, even though I know I'm better off out of this toxic relationship.

Cathi de Vriend June 2, 2016

I see no harm in giving kids a little party bag to take home, and I don't believe that it encourages kids to attend only for the party bags. What's happening to all the little fun things in life these days? I'm so glad I was a child of the 1960's, and that my three girls were born in the late 80's - 90's - what a wonderful childhood we all had!

Cathi de Vriend May 5, 2016

I got 3 of them today - all in different Pink shades. I've only swatched them so far, but they all look like great colours - exactly as they appear in their packaging. I'm impressed with the price!

Cathi de Vriend April 18, 2016

I'm 56, and apart from my elderly mum I hang out with, and my two adult daughters I see sometimes (they have busy lives), I don't have any "real" friends. If I need someone, or just want a chat or to meet up for a cuppa, I have no one left. I'm a bit shy, but apart from that, I'm a happy, funny, caring and loving person. I used to have a lot of friends when I was very young and when my girls were young, but some friends have since died, moved away, or drifted apart. There were also the sad fall outs with some friends, when after many years of friendship, they'd suddenly criticize, abuse and judge me, and later admitted they were jealous of me and no longer wanted the friendship. I don't fit in with couples as I've been single for over 12 years. A lot of married women around my age are threatened by me, mind you, I don't want my own man let alone their husbands - I am no threat! I don't fit in anywhere anymore. I never did make long term friendships wherever I worked, only casual ones. I sometimes feel all alone...

Cathi de Vriend October 28, 2015

I would never have picked up on it if it hadn't been pointed out...

Cathi de Vriend June 14, 2015

I usually sign off business letters and emails with "Kind Regards" and sometimes sign off the way I was taught in business school many years ago, with "Yours Sincerely" without any problem - I've never offended anyone. I always get polite and friendly responses back, and usually they sign with the same, or with "Regards."

Cathi de Vriend June 6, 2015

I cannot see how this is beneficial to these tiny babies in any way. This is nothing but unnecessary cruel torture! It should be banned!

Cathi de Vriend January 19, 2015

I've used Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner in the past, and after using these recent samples, I'm impressed! My hair felt lovely and soft, silky and conditioned, without feeling weighed down. The scent was fresh, and left my hair feeling really clean. I'd use these particular Pantene products in the future, and highly recommend them.

Cathi de Vriend November 21, 2014

I enjoyed using these Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner samples. My fine hair was left feeling soft, moisturised, shiny, and smelling fresh and lovely - without feeling weighed down. I'll definitely purchase these products in the future!

Cathi de Vriend September 7, 2014

At the age of 54, I'm happy that I only have a few grey hairs. My parents went grey late in life. My father dyed his hair brown for quite a few years until I suggested he let it grow out; there's nothing worse than that tell tale sign of dyed hair that turns orange hair as it fades. My mother refused to dye her hair and went grey gracefully - It suits her, and happened so slowly, that we hardly noticed. As for me, well, I'm dreading it - I still haven't decided whether I'll dye it dark when the time comes, and suffer the dreaded and obvious grey roots before touch ups, or go blonde - which never suited me when I was young - and put up with a mixture of grey and dark roots. Not sure, but I do know one thing; I won't be going grey. Power to those women who do, but grey is not for me!

Cathi de Vriend November 27, 2013

Other than... WTF?. I'm speechless!

Cathi de Vriend November 26, 2013

No way! It looks worse than what I was expecting... Not a fan of it!

Cathi de Vriend September 10, 2013

Shayne, Your story really touched my heart and made me feel so sad. Please don't do anything silly. Your kids do need you, no matter what! I've felt this way myself so many times but soldiered on no matter how hopeless the future looked or how much I wanted to escape and put an end to it all. I couldn't do it because of my mum and three daughters. I'm glad I never did end my life. There was always at least one reason to go on. Whenever I feel this way I picture the people in my life who do care, even though I often feel like there aren't many. I too have family who I never hear from unless I contact them. The same goes with my so called few friends. Please find some reason to go on and contact one of the helplines. You will get back on track and life will be worth living again. Even when I'm desperately lonely or feel all alone I try and find reasons to be grateful for what I do have and to try and make the best of it and ride the tough times out. None of us knows what's in the future and we only get one life. You are in my prayers.