This 15-year old was kidnapped for 9 months. The details of her imprisonment are too graphic to be released.

The girl who was 14 when she was allegedly abducted can not be named.




Warning: This post contains details of sexual assault and may be distressing for some readers.

She was just 14 when she went missing,  last seen leaving her school in the US town of North Conway in New Hampshire.

For nine months police, the FBI and her family searched, desperately.

Then nine months later she returned. Mysteriously turning up at her home wearing the same clothes she had been in the day she went missing –  and to the media and the local community’s frustration not a word about where, why or how was disclosed by police.

The case has now appeared before the courts and the details so desperately wanted by the media have emerged, many too graphic to be released.

At the time she was missing family and friends feared the worst.

“We are leveraging every tool, every technique, and every resource we have in hopes of bringing young Abby home to her family,” Kiernan Ramsey, an FBI special agent said at the time.

Roadblocks were set up and a minute’s silence was held at her school’s football final, every second of CCTV was scrutinised. Her 15-year old boyfriend the subject of endless speculation.

But no one could have envisaged what police now allege took place.

This case may sound familiar as we have reported on it before, but due to the new charges involving sexual assault and the fact that Mamamia is read internationally we can now no longer legally report the girl’s name or link to old stories.

The case drew great speculation due to the lack of detail surrounding the young girl’s return. She was 15 when she walked back into her home in July this year.


At the time her mother said that rumours she was pregnant were simply unfounded.

“The majority of people somehow believe that she was pregnant,” her mum, Zenya said. “She was not. She did not run away. I firmly believe that. As for her knowing the individual, I firmly believe that she did not know the individual.”

She said that when her daughter returned home her physical appearance was a shock.

“She was very thin,”

“She lost a lot of weight, very pale. She had a look in her eyes I’ve never ever seen before, and that’s something that’s haunting me and I think will haunt me the rest of my life.”

                                 The shipping container she was allegedly held in for 9 months.


But the details now emerging are shocking, even for hardened lawyers.

In court last week prosecutors announced indictments charging the suspected kidnapper with repeatedly raping the girl, forcing her to wear a shock collar, controlling her with a stun gun, and leaving her bound and gagged tied to a bed for long stretches of time.

The accused, 34-year old Nathanial Kibby was handed 205 indictments in two counties.

                                 Nathanial Kibby maintains his innocence.



It is alleged by prosecutors that the girl who turned 15 shortly after she was kidnapped was imprisoned by Nathanial Kibby in a locked shipping container on his Gorham property and a shock collar for dogs was placed around her neck to “maintain control over her.


Court documents alleged that that on multiple occasions, Kibby sexually assaulted the teenager, leading prosecutors to file 160 sexual-assault-related counts.

Many of the details of these sexual assaults have been withheld as they are “too heinous” and “too distressing” for the young teenager to be revealed.

WMUR reports that it is also alleged that as well as threatening to kill her family and pets if she disclosed his identity during her imprisonment he used a Taster like device on her and bound her wrists with zip ties.

He allegedly forced her to write a false letter to her mother while she was under his control with “false information about the female’s condition,” court papers said.

Kibby is accused of showing “the female a rifle and [telling] the female that he could hurt the female’s family, bystanders, and/or police if the female provided information about his identity to the police or anyone else, a rifle being a deadly weapon.”

He also allegedly told the girl that the rifle could pierce body armor.

WMUR reports that during her captivity she was often tied to a bed in the shipping container and her only access to water was through an “aquarium tube.”

At the time the teenager returned all anyone wanted to know was where she had been, as the details come to light the greatest concern now is how this young woman endured what she allegedly did, and how she will recover in the future.

Kibby is due to appear in court again on January 8th. His lawyers have maintained his innocence since his arrest.