'Lauren Conrad shared the one thing she'd never wear to a wedding. I completely disagree.'

Like many women, I put a lot of thought into what I’m going to wear to weddings. But normally my priorities are finding something affordable that I love. I don’t worry about upstaging the bride because of one simple fact.


Yet American television personality, fashion designer, and author Lauren Conrad is worried about exactly that. Upstaging the bride at weddings she’s invited to.

Normally I love reading about Lauren Conrad and her fashion tips. She has exceptional taste and a stunning Instagram account that makes me want to urgently redo mine, but on this one, I think she’s got it completely wrong. That’s because you could never upstage a bride on her wedding day, no matter how “loudly” you dressed.

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Celebrating 2 wonderful years with my love today!

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In an interview with Who What Where, Conrad was asked to provide some tips ahead of wedding season. When asked about appropriateness and what someone should never wear to a wedding, she said:

Also, wearing anything loud—that could be anything from colour to hemline—is usually not appropriate. I think anything that distracts from the bride is good to avoid.

And that just makes me feel sad.

How can you upstage the woman standing up the front, wearing a big white gown who’s getting married? You can’t, that’s why wedding guests should just wear whatever they like.

There was a time when weddings were all about the bride. They still are aren’t they? Maybe. But I like to think we’ve been moving away from that. Weddings should be all about a marriage, love, and the uniting of two people (one of whom is a beloved family member or friend).

Lauren Conrad debuts her new clothing collection on Instagram. Image: @laurenconrad

They shouldn't be an opportunity for women to act like princesses for a day, for everything to be about them. Weddings are about so much more than the bride and how she looks.

That's why I think Lauren Conrad got it so wrong when she detailed her list of rules when it comes to choosing an outfit when you are a wedding guest. Her advice comes from a place where wedding guests are meant to blend in, fade into the background, and merely make up the numbers at a wedding reception.


Instead, we should be allowed to dress however we please. This is assuming we have been invited due to an existing relationship and whomever we know best - the bride or the groom - understands us well enough to know that we will a. dress how we like and b. attend for the right reasons.

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If I wear an outfit that is deemed "loud" by the Lauren Conrads of this world, it's not because I'm trying to ruin anyone's day, let alone the bride's. It's because we want to have an awesome time and a big part of being able to do that is by dressing in something that we are comfortable in, that we love.

We shouldn't be worrying about upstaging the bride.

If any bride is every bothered by an outfit one of her guests is wearing at her wedding then I'd say she's worrying about the wrong things. Who cares how the guests are dressed. You have just married someone you love, today is the first day of the rest of your life...

Aside from rocking up with an equally lavish wedding gown of their own, guest outfits are their business and nobody should ever dress down for anyone.

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