18 unique baby girl names that experts say are about to skyrocket in popularity.

By now, parents-to-be know that if their chosen girl’s name is Charlotte or Olivia she’s not going to be alone.

In fact, your daughter will probably need to be known as Livvy or Olivia B to differentiate from the four other Olivias in her class alone – it’s just that popular.

And while the popularity of a name isn’t a factor for many parents, for those who want their child’s name to stand out, the people at Nameberry have rounded up the best, most unusual names of 2016 in the US.

Listen: This is how your bogan baby name could be ruining your child’s future. (Post continues.)

In the list are names that less than 80 people called their child in 2016 and have a pretty ring to them, such as Dinah, Verity and Josette. Names that are distinct, but not in a way that could see your child overlooked for a job.

The 18 best unusual names of 2016 – and the number of little girls named so last year.

Marguerite, 76

Evolet, 75

Linley, 74

Emmylou, 73

Verity, 72

Nell, 69

Adira, 69

Story, 68

Harbor, 67

Linden, 65

Cassia, 62

Coco, 60

Maris, 60

Primrose, 59

Josette, 57

Vesper, 55

Gala, 55

Dinah, 54

You can read the full list of all 60 unusual girl’s names here.

Does your child have an unusual name?