Spectacular but strange: Underwater wedding photo shoots.

Remember when people would get engaged and tell their friends in a low-key manner, perhaps a phone call or a newspaper announcement?

Yeah. That’s gone. Over. Never to be seen again simplicity from a time past.

It’s all about the announcement these days.

A cute photo with an engagement ring and a ‘she said YES!’ sign, an extra pair of baby-sized socks on a clothesline, blah blah etc.

Adorable. But it’s already getting old, so a new element needed to be added.

The ocean. Obviously.


Brides and grooms have turned to the deep blue sea to announce their engagements/pregnancies/weddings. Adam Opris, a Florida based photographer, has started a trend. Underwater photography sessions.

She tried to say ‘yes’, but only a bubble came out..


It’s probably not the most convenient idea for a photo shoot we’ve seen. For starters, you’d need the best waterproof mascara that money can buy. And it would be a bitch of a dry-cleaning bill. At least you don’t need to get your hair blow-dried…

A Harry Potter-themed underwater photography engagement announcement. So mainstream.

It’s okay, guys. The baby can swim. 

The photos are pretty incredible. And surely the shoot is fun. Just… don’t forget your goggles.

Check out more of the wet photos here. They are beautiful. They are soggy:


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