Four policemen killed, 11 shot by sniper as chaos erupts during protest in Dallas.

At least four police officers have been killed and seven others wounded when gunman opened fire at a protest in downtown Dallas, Texas.

Three suspects are currently in custody, while a fourth remains cornered by police on the second floor of a downtown parking garage.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown told a recent press conference that the cornered suspect has claimed that there are explosives planted throughout the area.

“The suspect has told our negotiators the end is coming, and that he’s going to hurt and kill more of us, meaning law enforcement, and that there are bombs all over the place in this garage and downtown.”

According to a Facebook post by Dallas Police Department, the incident began when two snipers fired multiple shots at police during the otherwise peaceful ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally.

Two policemen are in surgery and three are in a critical condition.

The status of the remaining officers remains unclear.

Police chief David Brown said two people were detained fleeing the scene in a Mercedes-Benz after being spotted carrying camouflaged bags.

A female suspect has also been also detained and is being questioned by police.

Police earlier posted the following Tweet seeking help finding one of the suspected gunmen, who has since turned himself in.

Meanwhile, social media is being flooded with images and videos capturing the chaos currently reigning in the Texan city.

Among them are several that appear to contain the sound of multiple gunshots being fired.


The shooting comes in the wake of a live video published this morning to Facebook showing Philando Castile being fatally shot by police after being pulled over for a broken tail light. Only days ago, Alton Sterling was killed by police in Louisiana over belief he was carrying a weapon.  One reporter could be heard saying on live television: “Oh my God, I mean we’re all seeing this together.”

The police have classified the area as an active shooter zone and are advising everyone nearby to get to safety.