Two men experience childbirth, their wives sit nearby drinking coffee.

Two men in the US decided to give their wives a Mother’s Day gift they’ll never forget – making the brave decision to experience childbirth in the form of simulated labour pains because well as they put it, “women exaggerate everything”.

Take a look at the video where two men experience childbirth and watch how they quickly renege on that line of thought.

1:05 – The doctor gives the two men “a couple of little contractions”.

1:34 – One of the men says to his wife “don’t touch me right now”.

2:00 – One man hopes the pain level he’s experiencing is a 7… it’s a three.

2:20 – The wives silently high-five each other.

2:55 – The pair admit “that sucked” and “I feel like I really had a baby”.

3:16 – One apologises to his mother, calls her a superhero.

So… that’s how men experience childbirth.