Sick of men explaining things to you? Here's a fun new game to play.

The rules of social media are often learned the hard way. Don’t tweet drunk. Don’t bitch about work. Don’t feed the trolls.

Thankfully for us, Toronto-based writer Katie Cunningham isn’t one for playing by the rules.  In a recent and utterly glorious exchange on her Twitter feed, she not only fed the troll, she left him totally stuffed.

It all began with this tweet about the phenomenon known as mansplaining:

The post got a huge response from fellow Twitter users, many of whom accused her of sexism. But among the fog of male outrage, Cunningham found a little glimmer of light.

His name is Greg Hughes.

via Twitter @voldemortsbicep

The Twitterverse LOLed (that's still a thing, right?) - "genius", "masterpiece", "we see what you did there", read the comments.

Unfortunately, Greg didn't see what she did there. He didn't see what she did there at all.

He continued:

via Twitter @voldemortsbicep

Oh Greg. You poor dear.

The exchange has since achieved the viral status it deserves, and Cunningham couldn't be happier.

“The majority of the reactions have been really great! Lots of slow clap GIFs and crown emojis haha, it’s been pretty fun,” she wrote to Buzfeed News. “Obviously, there are plenty of mean @’s, mostly from people who have apparently never been condescended to, or people calling me a sociopath for this ‘game’.”

Still, the only reaction we really care about is poor old Greg's. This was it:

Apparently Greg was being sarcastic. Or so he told Cunningham in a private exchange.

“He says he was playing along," she told Buzzfeed, "and we had a pretty legit talk about the fact that sarcastic or ironic misogyny is inadvisable on a platform where you can’t read tone.”

Don't be sorry, Voldem... Cunningham. Please don't ever be sorry.

Greg's Tweets were awkward. Here are some more cringe-worthy Twitter moments.

Video by Mamamia Women's Network