Scenes from Twilight with inaccurate lip reading are simply hilarious.

So you thought the Twilight movies were about a regular girl who finds herself torn between a moody vampire and a perpetually shirtless werewolf, huh?

Well, that’s certainly how it seems at face value, so we can’t blame you for that. But if you look closely at Bella, Edward and co. as they say their lines, a whole other narrative emerges – one that’s a little on the surreal side and, arguably, a lot more interesting.

Jacob is a muscular young man who has jeggings for his pelican and just wants to track down an assassin pig. His father is considering shearing off the wart on his knee and keeping it in a decorative box. The Kardashians have nothing on this family.

Jacob’s friend Bella is in the mood for lettuce and thinks her dad has horrible zoo hands (way harsh, lady). Then there’s Edward, who is still moody as ever but he expresses it by spontaneously bursting into song. Oh, and his family likes to make out, so there’s that.

Admit it – you want to see how this quasi-musical spectacular plays out.

This video from the comic geniuses at Bad Lip Reading reveals all…

Will you be able to think of Twilight the same way after watching this?