From Insecure to Outlander: 7 TV shows you can stream right now that pass the 'Clit Test'.

You've clicked on this story for one of the following three reasons:

1. You already know what the Clit Test is and you're ready for some clit-tastic suggestions.

2. You have no idea what the Clit Test is and you're wondering whether you need to be doing one at home... right now. 

3. You're angry that I'm writing about the clit on the internet and you'd like to speak to my manager please. 

Luckily, this article has something for all of you. Yes, even you in the third category. 

You've probably already heard of the Bechdel Test. A work of fiction - including TV shows, movies and books - passes the Bechdel Test if it features a scene where at least two women talk to each other about something other than a man. 

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This might sound ridiculous and like something we definitely don't need a test for, but many of the most popular movies from the past decades - including La La Land and the entire Lord of The Rings trilogy - do not pass the Bechdel Test. 

The Clit Test takes this a step further and is like the Bechdel Test for sex scenes. 


Basically, the Clit Test celebrates sex scenes in movies and TV shows which reflect that the clitoris is a central part of sexual pleasure for people with a clitoris. 

The Clit Test was developed by campaigners Frances Rayner and Irene Tortajada, who were frustrated by the sex scenes they were seeing and reading, and became determined to set a new standard. 

So without further ado, here are 7 TV shows you can stream right now that pass the Clit Test: 



It should come as no surprise that the series about a horny time-traveller, who travels back to horny 1743 Scotland and enjoys some historical romps with a ridiculously good looking Highland warrior named Jamie, passes the Clit Test.

There's one particular scene in season 5, episode 11, where Jamie goes down on a perimenopausal Claire while she leans out the window to get some fresh air during a hot flush. 

It's a lot on a lonely, winter day. 

You can stream four seasons of Outlander on Netflix. 


Insecure is written, directed and executive produced by comedian Issa Rae and it’s based on her original web series The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl.

Set in LA, the show follows the life of 29-year-old Issa and her friends, as they navigate their careers, their friendships and their sex lives. 


Insecure 100 per cent passes the Clit Test because it puts women's stories and women's pleasure front and centre. 

In season one, Issa masturbates on screen and Molly receives oral sex from Jared. 

The main characters also have many frank, open conversations about oral sex and orgasms throughout the series. 

You can watch all four seasons of Insecure on Binge. 


Annie in Shrill. Image: SBS on Demand.  


Based on the book by Lindy West, Shrill follows the story of Annie, a plus-size 20-something who wants to change her life, but not her body. 

Shrill was one of the first TV shows to celebrate a plus-size woman having sex and... enjoying sex. There are multiple references to masturbation and oral sex for women throughout the series. The series gets major props for season two, episode one, where Annie and Ryan are camping and he encourages her to let him go down on her even though she says she has a "two-day-old pussy". 

You can watch the first two seasons of Shrill on SBS on Demand. 

Sex Education

Of course, Netflix's cult favourite series Sex Education passes the Clit Test. 

Noteworthy mentions include season one, episode six, where Aimee discovers masturbation and then learns how to ask her male partner for what she actually wants in bed. 

You can stream both seasons of Sex Education on Netflix. 


That Barack Obama scene in Fleabag. Image: Amazon Prime Video.  


It will come as no surprise that our favourite hot mess of a 30-something definitely passes the Clit Test. 

In season one, episode one, Fleabag masturbates to a video of Barack Obama. There's a bunch of references to masturbation through the series and Fleabag often makes references to not orgasming through penetration alone. 

You can watch the entire series of Fleabag on Amazon Prime. 

Broad City 

The groundbreaking series about two 20-something friends living it up in New York City exemplifies what the Clit Test is all about. 

The five season series is littered with masturbation and cunnilingus scenes and the two main characters - Ilana and Abbi - have frank, open discussions about female pleasure all the time. 

You can watch all five seasons of Broad City on Stan.

Orange Is the New Black

Soso and Poussey in the shower. Image: Netflix.  


There is no show that puts the clit front and centre quite like Orange Is the New Black

Throughout the seven-season series the women of Litchfield Penitentiary pleasure each other - and themselves - in the showers, in their bunk beds, in the chapel, in the garden, the list goes on. 

The female orgasm is basically the longest-running character in the groundbreaking TV series. 

You can watch all seven seasons of Orange Is the New Black on Netflix.