The Today Show hosts' makeup artists just shared the beauty secrets to 'fake awake'.

As we sit bleary-eyed at the kitchen table trying not to fall asleep into our Weetbix, morning TV hosts like Lisa Wilkinson, Sylvia Jeffreys and Deborah Knight have already been up working for a few hours.

And while we’ve got bed hair (not the good kind) and are probably nursing an angry-looking pimple, they look fresh faced and glamorous – despite the fact it’s not even 7am yet.

Of course, access to professional TV makeup artists with a trunk full of beauty products certainly helps – and now we’re in on the secret.


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Hair and makeup artists at Channel Nine have opened up their makeup bags to reveal the fake-awake essentials they use on their on-air talent every single day.

You'll want to grab a pen and paper.

1. Prime time.

According to Jo Bentley, senior makeup artist at Channel Nine, the trick is all about priming the skin with the right product.

"Lisa [Wilkinson]’s skin is perfect anyway [by using SKII products], so I prime her with MAC Strobe Cream, $55 to give her a soft glow before applying foundation," she told

It's also used on Sonia Kruger and Wilkinson's fellow host Sylvia Jeffreys.

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On Jeffreys, who is "blessed with amazing skin", Bentley also uses something to ensure there's no unwanted shine.

"NARS Pro-Prime Pore-Refining Primer, $50 is the perfect primer to hydrate her skin and give the perfect base for makeup while helping out with shine," she said.

"In TV land, shine creates a sweaty appearance on camera, which is not flattering."

If you're after quick results, follow Weekend Today host and mother-of-three Deborah Knight's lead.

“Deb likes the hair and makeup process to be quick,” Channel Nine makeup artist Natalie Black said.

“So applying the Mac Prep and Prime Skin, $47 face mist hydrates the skin, but also helps the foundation blend quick and evenly over her skin.”

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2. Refresh.

There's one product Bentley uses on every single person who sits in her makeup chair - MAC Mineralised Charged Water, $32.

"I always start with a spritz of MAC Charged Water onto everyone’s skin before makeup. This is full of vitamins & minerals and hydrates and preps the skin really well for a perfectly smooth base," she said.

"If Lisa is having extended time on air due to breaking news, I sometimes spritz it over her face every few hours to rehydrate tired old makeup that’s been on for a while."

3. Perfect foundation.

For Wilkinson, Black swears by a tried and tested combination.

"I use the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Barcelona, $48 well blended into the skin, then add By Terry concealer, $63 under her eyes followed by MAC Blot powder, $38.”


On Jeffreys, it's all about the Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation (Available at Sephora), YSL Touche Éclat, $68 as an under eye concealer and the same blotting powder to absorb any cheeky shine.

"I also use the Stila Cream Blush in Camellia, $36 to her cheeks each morning which helps give the glowing cheek bone look," Black added. (Post continues after gallery.)


However the real trick is how the foundation is applied, with makeup artists favouring a technique called "stippling".


"This is BIG in TV," Bentley said.

"Using a wet latex sponge, press repeatedly (not wipe) the foundation into the skin, building it up to your desired coverage. This gives you a seamless, flawless finish."

4. Finishing touches.

For her eyes, Bentley says Jeffreys "can't live without" the By Terry Ombre Blackstar In Bronze Moon, $55.

"We use it as an eyeshadow all over the lid and underneath the eye to define, sparkle and pop!" she said.

And the secret to Lisa Wilkinson's always-perfect hair? Unite Texturiza Spray, $36.50.

"This product creates texture, volume and fullness in Lisa’s hair,” hair stylist Maria Wassef told the publication.

"This dry, translucent finishing spray will create volume and texture in the hair that lasts all day on set, and even into the night."


You can listen to the full episode of 'No Filter' with Lisa Wilkinson here.

What are your favourite makeup products to 'fake awake'?

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