The 16 best TV box sets to watch now that we have so much goddamn time on our hands.

Despite the fact lockdown restrictions are slowly easing across Australia, meaning most of us are now allowed to go fishing(?), the COVID-19 pandemic is set to be part of our lives for the foreseeable future.

Which means, is there any better time to commit to a very long, but very satisfying TV series?

Side note: How you’re dealing with isolation, based on your horoscope. Post continues below video.

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Think an eight-season drama, or an early 2000s sitcom with 200 episodes. Something you’ve heard is good, something you’ve wanted to sink your teeth into… but just couldn’t quite commit to having your life defined by it for weeks at a time, pre-COVID.

We asked the Mamamia community to share their favourite box set series of all time. Grab your popcorn, TV remote and get scrolling, there’s something for everyone.


Image: NBC.

Nine seasons, 182 episodes.

Where to watch: Stan.

"I'm feeling the need for nostalgia on week 5678 of isolation, and Scrubs and my obsession for JD and Turk gave me so much joy back in the day, so I'm back revisiting their world. It's one of those shows that's super easy to mindlessly watch, and because my first binge of it was so long ago and there's nine seasons, I don't remember hardly any of the storylines. So it feels brand new. Win win." - Gemma.

"It’s the kind of hospital drama I need right now i.e. not a drama. The jokes are still funny, the characters are still relatable. So many big name actors pop up throughout the series too which makes it even more fun (vintage Ryan Reynolds!)." - Hannah.

Fawlty Towers.

Image: BBC.

Two seasons, 12 episodes.

Where to watch: Stan.

"I used to watch it with my dad and grandad when I was little and didn’t really understand what was happening but would laugh when they laughed and now I watch it whenever I feel nostalgic and because I’m older I realise how bloody hilarious it is." - Emily.

30 Rock.

30 rock
Image: NBC.

Seven seasons, 138 episodes.

Where to watch: Stan.

"I just finished the seven seasons (started in iso) and LOVED it. Can't believe how many cultural references I've missed over the past 10 years having not watched it." - Isobel.

The Handmaid's Tale.

The Handmaid's Tale season 3, episode 5
Image: Hulu.

Three seasons, 36 episodes (so far).

Where to watch: Season one and two on Stan, season three on SBS On Demand.

"Handmaid's is the complete opposite of a 'fun' watch, but it's gut-wrenching, gripping and very, very important. Plus, Elisabeth Moss' performance is unreal." - Amy.

Sons of Anarchy.

Image: FX.

Seven seasons, 92 episodes.

Where to watch: Stan.

"The drama is addictive and intense and Charlie Hunnam is a major babe." -Talia.


Image: HBO.

Three seasons, 28 episodes (so far).

Where to watch: Foxtel.

"A lot of movies and TV shows have tried to answer the question of what it means to be human. Westworld does that in the most original way possible; in a gigantic simulation of an Old West pioneer town. There, wealthy people visit to play cowboys with a bunch of convincingly human-like robots (called 'hosts') that exist purely for their entertainment and pleasure. When the hosts start to come to consciousness, the game suddenly switches and everything comes unravelled. The results are violent, brilliant and terrifying. Each episode has the production value of a movie, and the cast is all-time (Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris and even a lesser-known Hemsworth brother.) Cannot recommend enough - but be warned, it's not for the squeamish." - Tamara.


The West Wing.

the west wing
Image: NBC.

Seven seasons, 156 episodes.

Where to watch: Stan.

"Right now, it's really comforting to watch a show about a president that everyone actually likes. The West Wing is set during the term of fictional Democratic President Jed Bartlet, played by Martin Sheen, and follows his senior staff in the White House as they go about leading the free world. It's fast dialogue, big issues and idealism, mixed with wit, office politics and even a bit of romance. There's a reason this show always makes those 'best of all time' lists." - Belinda.


Image: Giphy,

Nine seasons, 180 episodes.

Where to watch: Stan.

"Seinfeld is my dad's favourite show of all time, so I grew up watching it/quoting it/judging anyone who ever double dipped their chip. It's one of those shows that will be forever funny, no matter how many times you see it. For me, it's got a sense of nostalgia which makes it extra warm and fuzzy." - Chelsea.

Breaking Bad.

Image: Stan.

Five seasons, 62 episodes.

Where to watch: Stan.

"Breaking Bad is the ultimate TV show. Every single episode ends and you just want to watch the next one straight away. It’s the TV Show I wish I could watch again for the first time." - Ella.

Sex and the City.

Sex and the City
Image: HBO.

Six seasons, 94 episodes.

Where to watch: Foxtel.

"I loved it for being fashun and quite ground breaking at the time of its release but now it's more like hanging with old friends." - Claire.

Jane The Virgin.

new on netflix australia august 2019
Image: Netflix.

Five seasons, 100 episodes.

Where to watch: Netflix.

"I remember when I first watched Jane the Virgin, I thought 'What. The. Heck?'. It's a pretty bonkers premise, but it's impossible not to fall in love with and root for the characters. The early seasons presented one of the best love triangles I've ever seen in entertainment, and Jane/Michael is the strongest ship I think I've had... ever. Plus, the female relationships are so pure. Jane the Virgin is an actual joy to watch." - Grace.


Mad Men.

mad men
Image: AMC.

Seven seasons, 92 episodes.

Where to watch: Netflix.

"The storyline of Mad Men is genius and takes so many twists and turns, the characters are so complex and interesting and the costumes and insight into life in the advertising world in the 50s is fascinating. Not to mention Don Draper is dreamy." - Lily.

Downton Abbey.

downton abbey
Image: ITV.

Six seasons, 52 episodes.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime.

"The sets, the costumes, the... everything. Downton Abbey is an institution, but if you're still unconvinced... It's worth it just to see Professor McGonagall getting sassy." - Tasha.

Gilmore Girls.

gilmore girls ridiculous plot points
Image: Warner Bros.

Seven seasons, 153 episodes.

Where to watch: Netflix.

"Gilmore Girls is just so wholesome. It's such great representation of a mother-daughter relationship and good world building." - Ariel.

Grey's Anatomy.

grey's anatomy characters
Image: ABC.

16 seasons, 363 episodes (so far).

Where to watch: Stan.

"Meredith Grey is like family to me at this point. I've watched so many of her major life moments, including seeing her almost die like 14 times. Grey's Anatomy was with me through so many of my formative years; I laughed and cried and still feel haunted by Mark Sloan. Grey's has everything you could possible want: Drama, sex, romance, terrible disaster, and bloody weird medical mysteries. Shonda Rhimes' medical drama has been going for 16 seasons, so it's pretty much the biggest commitment you could make, but it's worth it." - Rebecca.

Kath and Kim.

kath and kim netflix australia
Image: ABC.

Four seasons, 32 episodes.

Where to watch: Netflix.

"Um, hello? It's an Aussie classic. I don't have to explain it further!" - Lauren.

What TV box set would you add to the list? Let us know in a comment.

Feature image: FX/NBC/Sony Pictures Television.

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