The Turpin family had two "healthy" and well-trained dogs. They're up for adoption.

When police first entered the Turpin family’s California home, they found a 22-year-old shackled to a bed, a 12-year-old the weight of a child five years younger, and 11 others who clearly hadn’t had proper access to showers and toilets.

They also found two “healthy” dogs.

“The animals appear very friendly, very active, they’re well fed and they’re happy,” Jo Vargo, Perris City spokesperson told Inside Edition.

turpin family dogs
The dogs appear "well fed".(Image via YouTube.)

While 12 of their 13 children were fed only one meal a day and allowed to starve (the two-year-old child was found in fine health), David and Louise Turpin took good care of their two canines.

The one-year-old, female Maltese mixes seem to be leash-trained, and according to local authorities, show no signs of the trauma the Turpin siblings experienced.


The dogs are up for adoption. Prospective owners in the area who are deemed a "good fit" are able to enter a raffle for the dogs, which the local council's animal services will draw from.

The Turpin family dressed in matching outfits on outings. (Image via Facebook.)

Meanwhile, David, 57, and Louise Turpin, 49, remain behind bars awaiting their next court date on 23 February.

They are charged with 13 counts of torture; one lewd act on a child; seven counts of abuse of a dependent adult; six counts of child abuse; and 12 counts of false imprisonment. If found guilty they could face life in prison.