There are 13 Turpin children. But police fear there were once more.

Thirteen children escaped the clutches of David and Louise Turpin on Sunday, but police fear there may have been more who didn’t make it.

Homicide detectives from the local sheriff’s office in Riverside County, California reportedly want to send cadaver dogs trained to sniff out dead bodies and human remains into the home. They want to find out if there may have been children who didn’t survive the years-long ordeal.

The reports come from an unnamed source close to the investigation and has not been confirmed by the sherrif’s department. The source told Crime Watch Daily, police want to make sure they don’t need to add homocide to the numerous charges against the pair.

David and Louise already face numerous charges. (Image via Facebook.)

David, 56, and Louise, 49, have pleaded not guilty to of child abuse, dependent adult abuse, torture and false imprisonment dating back to 2010, when the family moved to Perris, California from outside Fort Worth, Texas.


The source told Crime Watch Daily detectives were also considering ordering DNA tests on the seven adults and six children ranging in age from two to 29 years old to confirm their genealogy. Meanwhile, Louise's age - 49 - has some people questioning whether the youngest child, who was found in better condition than the others, is her biological child, or if they may be a sibling's or an unrelated child.

Since the Turpins were arrested earlier this week, authorities have learned the children were subjected to torture, including being beaten, starved, chained to furniture and often prevented from using the toilet or showering.

They will reappear in court on February 23.