The 6 true crime podcasts you need to listen to immediately.

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to say you’re probably a little bit obsessed with true crime.

You binged your way through Serial before moving onto Making A Murderer and The Keepers. You’re the one who always brings up Amanda Knox at the watercooler, and you’re pretty sure you know who really killed Hae Min Lee.

You probably also know that you’re a little bit ridiculous. It’s OK, we all are.

To help enable your weird little addiction, we’ve rounded up some of the best true crime podcasts for your ears:

Atlanta Monster

Between 1979-1981 a monster roamed around Atlanta, Georgia, picking innocent victims off the street and murdering them in cold blood.

At least 28 African American children, teenagers and adults were killed in what would become known as the Atlanta Child Murders.

Now a new 10-part true crime podcast, Atlanta Monster, is delving into the killing spree and the legend of the boogeyman who has haunted the Atlanta community for over 35 years.

It’s the latest project from Payne Lindsey and Donald Albright, the people that brought you the crowdsourcing investigative podcast, Up and Vanished.

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The podcast will deep dive into the case, the atmosphere of fear in the community at the time, and the sluggish police response.

And it will ultimately attempt to answer the question – is the boogeyman real and still roaming the streets of Atlanta?

Start with: Episode 01: Boogeyman.

My Favorite Murder

The MFM girls combine comedy, feminism and true crime to create a hilariously informative podcast. They’ve really nailed their niche. In each episode Karen and Georgia discuss a favourite murder each, sometimes around a theme, and then they read out some listener stories.

The true genius of this podcast is their funny banter, the hilarious quotes they produce, and the fact they often say the things that we’re all thinking. This podcast is not for the easily offended but it’s, erm, bloody funny.

Start with: Episode 13 – Thirteen Going on Murdy.

In the Dark

For 27 years, the investigation into the abduction of Jacob Wetterling in rural Minnesota yielded no answers. Now someone has confessed to Jacob’s murder. In the Dark covers the case and touches on where the investigators got it wrong.

The best bit? This case is in the news right now.

Start with: Episode 1 – The Crime.

 Dirty John

Debra Newell thought she was too old to ever find love again. At 59, she had already been married and divorced four times. She had four grown up children, a successful interior design business and a whole lot of money.

Then she met John Meehan. At first, John seemed like the man of her dreams. But that dream was quickly shattered.

What followed is the now the subject of the seven-part podcast Dirty John, which is produced by the LA Times, distributed by Wondery and narrated by Christopher Goffard.

As the story of John’s past unfolds on the podcast, the audience learns the truth along with Debra that John definitely isn’t who he says he is.

Start with: Episode 1 – The Real Thing.

The Generation Why

The Generation Why podcast is hosted by two friends, Aaron and Justin. They discuss theories and share their opinions on unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries, conspiracies, and true crime. Each episode covers a different case. They are really thorough with their research and sometimes they have expert guests on the show.

The best bit? Their voices are really soothing, and even though they’re discussing bloody murder, you can fall asleep listening to them… if you’re into that kind of thing.

Start with: Episode 176 – Zebb Quinn.

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 Black Hands: A Family Mass Murder

In June 1994, David Bain’s entire family was killed while he was out on his morning paper route.

Fifteen years later he was acquitted for their murders.

Now a new podcast, Black Hands: A Family Mass Murder, is delving into the shocking crime that’s split public opinion in New Zealand for the past 23 years.

While many believe Bain was responsible for the crime, others steadfastly stood by him until he was granted a retrial in 2009.

The podcast dives into the Bain family, their unusual history and family set up, and how a range of different factors could have culminated, creating a perfect storm for mass murder.

All 10 episodes of Black Hands: A Family Mass Murder are available on iTunes now.

Start with: Episode 1 – House of Horrors.

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