Trisha Paytas hosted a podcast with Colleen Ballinger. She claims the YouTuber sent her OnlyFans photos to fans.

YouTuber Trisha Paytas has responded to the allegations against her podcast co-host Colleen Ballinger.

In May, the pair launched a podcast called Oversharing, where the YouTube veterans spoke about motherhood, mental health, and feeling stuck in their careers.

They had only put out three episodes when, in early June, allegations from Ballinger's former fans — ranging from inappropriate conversations with teens in group chats to using a young fan as 'unpaid labour' — began to resurface. 

Since then, multiple fans have spoken to publications such as Rolling Stone, and a former writers' assistant on Ballinger's Netflix series Haters Back Off has written about the alleged racism she witnessed on set.

Online, Ballinger, 36, is best known for her Miranda Sings character, who has had a large contingent of mostly young fans for more than a decade.

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With a 21-minute video, Paytas responded to the conversation that has swirled around her co-host for weeks, and was not helped by Ballinger's 10-minute 'ukulele apology' uploaded on YouTube on June 28.

Paytas said she had known Ballinger for a number of years and had been feeling sick since hearing the stories from former fans.

"I wasn't aware of these most recent things that are coming out," she said. "Everyone knows I have a very, very, very firm stance on talking to anyone underage, platonic or not. I've always been very, very firm with this that I think it's inappropriate."

She said she had "really cared about" Ballinger and believed people can change, but Ballinger's ukulele video "shocked" her.

"I was just shocked to say the least that she didn't at least acknowledge the stuff her own fans were saying, how they felt, to brush it over the way she did," she said.

Paytas said she had also seen leaked text messages between Ballinger and fans that involved her OnlyFans content.

Originally, former fan Adam McIntyre claimed that when he was 15, he and Ballinger used to share nude photos of Paytas with each other and "made fun of" her body.

"I did ask her about these a couple of weeks ago," Paytas explained. 

"She assured me that she had never sent photos of me, [and] that this one fan who was underage at the time would send photos to her."


Weeks later, former fan Johnny Silvestri shared censored photos and video from group chats that allegedly showed Ballinger sharing images and videos of Paytas.

"I do not condone at all, sending unsolicited nudes to anyone of anybody, sex worker or not," Paytas said. 

"Using someone's nudes as a way to hurt them, make fun of them, make light of them, be mean, is the lowest form of human, the lowest form of intelligence, I think that's so inhumane, I think that's so disgusting for anyone."

She said she had been in touch with Ballinger following the wave of allegations in June, and had been told they were "lies" and she had been "taken out of context".  

"As I was her friend, and I knew her as a person, I was trusting her I guess," Paytas said.

"Because I mean, overall, who do you trust, this person you know in real life, or people you don't know anything about?"

But Paytas said she felt "triggered" when she saw the leaked messages.

"It's pretty barbaric, it's pretty misogynistic," she said. "And it is downright cruel. It's a low, low level of a person to say that stuff."

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