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healthglo March 21, 2024

Dumb law that sounds good to voters but in practice reduces the discretion of the judge. 

I always thought her sentence was too long as she was clearly not the full shilling to keep breeding.  
she is past fertility so is of no risk to any babies and locking her up just costs the tax payers money. 

healthglo November 18, 2023

Well there was proof of how he died - medications in the house and no doubt toxicology will show the full story. 

I do think it’s the final chapter in his story - the inevitable and sad outcome of a terrible disease. 

Addiction is so prevalent in society - particularly alcohol I think it does serve a purpose these sad heart breaking stories. 
I read his book - and it really depressed me as tep if my closest friends are in similar situations and like Perry the most likeIy will die.
Another close friend died last year from alcohol addiction.
We have such a big gap of shame and lack of skills with GP’s dealing with it- and often other solutions, medications and other ways to manage the disease are overlooked. 

There is a fascination because it could be us. Or our friends or our family.  I wanted a happy ending for him - the wife, the kids and it scares me the brutal more common ending to it he horrible deadly disease. 

healthglo November 10, 2023

I read up about this case and I’m sceptical about the he verdict - surely a Netflix doco and the media around it clouded the jury’s verdict. 

I also question if non- medical professionals can judge the information provided as they don’t have the knowledge. 
Ketamine at those doses is crazy shit - end of story. 

healthglo July 14, 2023

Yes!!!!! So this.   If I have another narcissist banging on about their narcissist ex multiple times a day on my fed account will scream. 

healthglo June 30, 2023

Unfortunately 67% get the pain back because it isn’t confined to the uterus and can grow back. 

Having said that I am having a hysterectomy next week with the same hope of less pain but I am realistic -  surgery itself risks adhesions etc ( which I think I already have ) and technique, skill of surgeon plays a roll.   So I am hoping for a few years less pain - and not getting periods will be a bonus.   

healthglo May 13, 2023

I think it was actually a fair result and I think she should be proud of her courage to stand up to him all this time. 

Justice should be about changing culture and rehabilitation.  This sends the sign it’s not ok to take what you want and money won’t solve everything and he’s got a few years to think about how vile what happened was.  

healthglo April 16, 2023

I don't know how an old reference can be used.  I personally have provider a character reference for someone who was imprisoned for domestic violence offences.. It had to be dated, addressing the judge and stipulating the exact charges.

so I am calling bullshit on this mans crimesof not knowing what he was doing. 

healthglo April 6, 2023

Another aspect to consider is having a sibling would lighten the load- on your child and on yourself. Cause the entertain and support es h other and long term it might be balancing. When the time is right.  

healthglo March 28, 2023

But landlords are also getting interest rate increases- surely it is not unreasonable to pass the expense on ? If you’re paying 1500 a month more someone had to pay for it.    i 

Bit a landlord but I am struggling with the mortgage. 

healthglo March 24, 2023

Same issue as other commenter 

healthglo February 4, 2023

Sounds like my wedding - I was 5 months pregnant. Didn’t leave for photos.  No bride table and I did almost nothing about the wedding. My husband was more into it so I let him do his thing and have the majority of guests.   I showed up 17 years ago

Yesterday.   Still married - just.  

healthglo December 17, 2022

I had moved out of home to uni at 17 and also went away for a week with friends that summer / we were all 17 and we hiked and went to the beach and were sensible . But not all kids are equal.   

healthglo December 16, 2022

Something even worse than this happened to a girl on our town - relentless bullying to the point police were involved.  But nothing improved. In the end the mum after years of it put a post up on the the local community page- calling out the hypocrisy of the anti-suicide movement in town as virtue signaling.  

But the people listened.  The entire year was bullying her and many parent made their sons go around and apologise and many people reached out. 
Not sure of the long term outcome but people are trying and the family felt heard she supported. 
Young kids sometimes don’t fully get the Tom of their bullying and it really pulled everyone up. 
It gave me faith back in people to try and be good. 

healthglo December 14, 2022

It’s funny - I saw you in the flesh at a pizza night at a local winery the other week and you are actually strikingly beautiful . I just assume most people look better with in photos than real life but you look fabulous in both.    You look like a fun happy person who glows from within.  Better get me some vitamin c serum

healthglo October 21, 2022

Controversial opinion - I don’t think

Diabetics should be given precedent.   It’s not life saving - it’s a tool to lower blood sugar just like insulin and the pile of other drugs. 
weight gain is the cause of most diabetes anyway as well as osteoarthritis, heart disease liver disease etc.
The real skinny’s taking it should stop for now though even if they gain back some weight so those that need it most can get it. 
The reality is it almost a life commitment once you stop you tend to start gaining again 

healthglo May 4, 2022

@mamamia-user-556745246  I believe they asked Johnny to be reviewed by an independent psych but he refused.

The reviewing of notes means she went through year do notes- made at the time by her peers so it does have some weight as evidence,  

healthglo March 10, 2022

I don't think that will happen Caz as 70% of Russians really do like Putin. A few of the GP's I work with are Russian and they present a different view they we are presented with. 

healthglo April 17, 2021

Feeling you! luckily my boss currently is lovely. With COVID we had at times just had to remain shut. It’s hard because other sick people also rely on the pharmacy. 

Been to work sick more times then I can count - and driving am he with gastro is neither fun or safe. 

healthglo February 9, 2021

Don’t stress things can get hot again - 15 years in My husband and I are wilder then ever- I don’t know what kicked things up a notch but it happened. Get experimental. Make an effort. Do things you never thought of. 

healthglo January 27, 2021

I am feeling you - I have had chin lipo and skin tightening on my face and will get micro needling with RF to try and tighten my lose skin on my face and neck.  I am also considering getting my eye lids done and a breast lift. I never cared at all about this stuff until I just really started looking old really quickly.  I have a year long project with the plastic surgeon for subtle improvements. The move my skin has tightened I will get some fill in my sucker cheeks.   I don’t want to overdo it though - I just want to look 40 my age not 55 which my skin does.    Who even is this person because I am not usually worried about this shit.