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healthglo May 4, 2022

@mamamia-user-556745246  I believe they asked Johnny to be reviewed by an independent psych but he refused.

The reviewing of notes means she went through year do notes- made at the time by her peers so it does have some weight as evidence,  

healthglo March 10, 2022

I don't think that will happen Caz as 70% of Russians really do like Putin. A few of the GP's I work with are Russian and they present a different view they we are presented with. 

healthglo April 17, 2021

Feeling you! luckily my boss currently is lovely. With COVID we had at times just had to remain shut. It’s hard because other sick people also rely on the pharmacy. 

Been to work sick more times then I can count - and driving am he with gastro is neither fun or safe. 

healthglo February 9, 2021

Don’t stress things can get hot again - 15 years in My husband and I are wilder then ever- I don’t know what kicked things up a notch but it happened. Get experimental. Make an effort. Do things you never thought of. 

healthglo January 27, 2021

I am feeling you - I have had chin lipo and skin tightening on my face and will get micro needling with RF to try and tighten my lose skin on my face and neck.  I am also considering getting my eye lids done and a breast lift. I never cared at all about this stuff until I just really started looking old really quickly.  I have a year long project with the plastic surgeon for subtle improvements. The move my skin has tightened I will get some fill in my sucker cheeks.   I don’t want to overdo it though - I just want to look 40 my age not 55 which my skin does.    Who even is this person because I am not usually worried about this shit. 

healthglo November 22, 2020

I use them and swear by them for my face.  I sleep on my side and these horrible wrinkles on the left side I sleep on from my face being squashed .  This soothes them out very well and reduces puffiness.  I bout the expensive ones to start with but found cheap ebay ones just as good. 

healthglo November 12, 2020

In response to Rushes comment about allergy to alcohol - That is an AA term. It’s kind of like comparing someone with. Peanut allergy- they shouldn’t take it ever as it makes them sick.  For him alcohol is something he should never take as it makes him sick. 

Complex chronic illness alcoholism and very hard to battle. Sounds like he is doing better then some. 

healthglo July 27, 2020

I noticed in Mary’s insta she always has on a necklace shaped like Tasmania which to me says her and Conor are a thing. Lots of photos of Tassie on there also. 

healthglo July 16, 2020

My brother is in the throws of mania right now. He has a diagnosis of schizophrenia but his current symptoms are manic. - He thinkd he is a famous/writer/DJ/singer who has had his works stolen by certain famous radio DJ’s or family and stays awake all night sending me copies of his novel he claims Keanu Reeves is turning into a play. 

We have a fraught relationship as his paranoia is often directed at me is abusive, nasty and vulgar ways. After the 25th death/rape  for stealing his millions I block him on Facebook/phone for a bit until I think he’s calmed down and unblock awaiting contact.    
I want to be a supportive sibling - despite him being a fairly repugnant person ( this is nothing to do with mental illness but his actual personality). He reached out again yesterday sending me his “book” to read and wanting me to unblock me phone so we can talk.  I guess I will but I am scared he will start thinking I have stolen this book as well and the threats will ramp up again.   Our mother is dead and he is an unhealthy man in his fifties with not a lot going for him. He is alone in the world. I sometimes think at least when he is manic he thinks he is amazing, creative, achieving things. When reality hits he feels worthless and has not achieved anything and sorry for some past sins( crimes).    
I wish I new how to defect not engage with his unstable behaviour. I usually change the topic when he talks about DJ’s who have stolen his work or which celebrities are starring in his film. I don’t want to encourage or validate it. 
Any suggestions on how to interact with someone in the grasp of mental illness ? 

healthglo July 14, 2020

@cat - we obviously both agree disadvantaged people need support. But I just don’t think throwing cash is the smartest or most supportive way. I know poverty, it my family, my friends, my career, the area I work.  There are smarter ways to use available cash to raise people up. People from generational poverty need way more then cash to change their lives and sometimes the cash causes more problems then it fixes. That is the reality. Different targeted solutions for different circumstances and people is what we need. 

healthglo July 14, 2020

That’s was a fairly accurate summation of that time. I really miss the social aspects of little kids. I am more isolated now with less time to form bonds with other women. it really was the best years of my life. 

healthglo July 6, 2020

@cat . I do think someone who has just lost a regular income with have debts higher then someone accustomed to a lower wage. You can’t just find a cheaper rental overnight or Stop your car payments, hence why I think an  adjustment period In a time of forced unemployment is fair. Time to either find a new job or down size the rental, sell the car etc. 

Life is not equal. We should target help to those that need it is a way that is useful and not another barrier to a better life.   Many people have addictions, it’s just easier to cope/ hide with them if you have a job to pay for it.  Long term unemployed under a certain age usually have real issues why they don’t work and addiction or mental health is right up there. I and not talking out my arse- these are my friends, my siblings my step sister. More money doesn’t make them equal. More support and safe house is what makes a change. My step sister was unemployed for 30 years but now has a job at Kmart are targeted support and easing back into work in a way that built her confidence. She is still an alcoholic and stoner but it’s more in control now.
My brother was helped by finally getting into supported housing with all meals provided and supervision as he has schizophrenia. Giving him more money when living alone should have just make his situation worse. Having a public trustee and NDIS has been a life changer- but not until his live was a rock bottom mess.  my other friends and sibling are lucky enough to to now be in public housing after years of waiting and living in squalid/ sub standard condition and the stability is helpful. They extra money they have been getting has not been a blessing though as it has literally gone on drugs/ alcohol.  I can think of better ways to spend money on them that might actually create positive change.   It’s not about being equal- but offering support to those that need it most in a way that actually helps.  If it was equal we would all be getting money for nothing. 

healthglo July 4, 2020

@cat people recently unemployed often have bigger outgoings - ie mortgage payments higher rent etc so losing a job suddenly is pretty drastic if you don’t have a lot of savings. They are not a better class of person but they do have an acute money flow issue that is not their doing with lockdowns etc.   Long term unemployed often have reasons they can’t work/hard to employ and I just don’t think throwing cash only is the solution- more social housing so people are not paying ridiculous rent and free medication I do think would make a huge difference to stability and quality of life.  I speak from experience - I come from a low socioeconomic back ground. Half my childhood friends now 40 have not really worked and have barriers to employment - like severe addiction and mental health issues that money will not address. Money just gets turned into junk and alcohol.  This friend who has kids was homeless for a year due to severe housing shortages and long waits for housing.  WhAt would help her is better access to rehab, free medication for her mental health and a home. More money has helped with some things but it ain’t going to be budgeted by someone with an addiction. That Is the reality for many.  Real life changing funding of free medicine, free specialist appointments Without needing $200 up front and positive support would be great.- along with some extra cash. 

healthglo July 1, 2020

It is actually true for some people and not for others. People are complicated - those recently unemployed would do anything to get back into the job market. 

But there is also a whole slab of society who don’t want to work for a variety of reasons - lack of self worth and anxiety being among it.  The new higher payment would be a blessing for those accustomed to wages.   But it is not without issues. My best friend is an alcoholic and the extra money has turned wine into vodka and escalated her dire problems into catastrophic.  I do actively know many people who will not try too hard to work ( mainly school leavers living at home) loving the boosted youth allowance. For some  of them  it literally is a disincentive to work.  4 of my siblings are long term unemployed. To be honest they are unemployable and I am of mixed feelings if the extra money is good or bad- because it literally has funded addictions and poor choices but also some good things- like a new washing machine or needed clothes.   I do think the way social welfare is done in the UK with more social housing and subsidised essentials like free medication is better then increased cash payments. 
The  current payment is too high compared to the minimum wage to be sustainable. 
The extra $75 a week sounds reasonable. I also think those recently unemployed need an extra supplement for a period of time. 

healthglo June 29, 2020

I don’t think the fact he plays different races or sexes makes him racist or sexist. 

The way he portrays characters is to highlight the social problems not to make fun of them. 
The following quote I think is worth considering 
“Jonah From Tonga plays with stereotypes, but it’s doing so to make an observation about the narrow-minded attitudes expressed by some of its characters, including Jonah’s own. Indeed, prejudice by and against Jonah is clearly shown to be at the root of the problems he faces in the series.”      I think
His shows are smart as it show he knows people, knows how they tick and portrays them with both wit and sympathy. 

healthglo May 26, 2020

This feels like what could have been a learning moment for this lady has turned into something bigger then it needs to be. Surely the public humiliation is enough but unemployment and life time ban from the park is a step to far.  Maybe some legal punishment could also have been implemented but this all seems like too much. 

healthglo May 12, 2020

There is also another story here. Men who commit these acts can also change. They can get treatment for addiction and these low points interacting with the law and forced rehab can change lives. Not only for the men but the families who live them.
While this guy is a problem he is also a person capable of change and better future.

Amandarose April 1, 2020

I was super unimpressed with public health in NSW tracing of Covid. I work in a pharmacy in a medical centre and we had our first patient call today with a positive result. Patient spent several hrs in the centre last week and in the pharmacy 3 times. No mask. No contact from public health to us or the medical centre. No interest in names of patients she was near while waiting or asked us how close or long our contact was.
I am not worried for myself and I had a mask on and buckets of sanitiser but lots of frail elderly were there also and some also have respiratory symptoms. This person has had zero contact with known cases or overseas patients and very likely caught it at the surgery as she had not been anywhere else and lives alone. Contact tracing is pretty crap and the transparency is terrible in our area. If I was in a small centre with a known case for a decent length of time I would want to know.

Amandarose September 23, 2018

I do actually - I am a health professional - you need to have some symptoms to spread whooping cough- even mild like a cold. Most kids get it off their mother actually so unless you want them in a bubble it’s an over reaction - just like the doctor above in the article states.

Amandarose September 19, 2018

Ok- I have to say I think ocd is a real issue here. If they are sick fair enough but other wise you need to chill.