The nine best packing hacks everyone should know about.


You either love packing or you hate it. Whichever side you’re on I can guarantee we all have the same goal: To pack the things we need in the least amount of time possible. Well, not only is it do-able, it’s actually really easy.

Chances are if you’re reading this you’re in need of some help to make your life simpler on the packing front, but if you’re like me and you really care about the environment then hopefully you’ll enjoy the extra pointers on packing more sustainably.

Below you will find a few simple alternatives that are good for the planet that will also save you space, time and plastic on your travels. Read on for these nine epic packing hacks:


A sarong is the glue that holds a packing list together. It acts as so many things yet takes up minimal space. For starters it can be used as a; towel, scarf, shawl, pillow slip, eye mask and so much more.

Keep liquids together

For any international trips where I need to take liquids through customs I ensure they’re kept together in a zip lock bag. This makes for a seamless check-in process. If sealed they’re less likely to leak, especially if they’ve cracked in transit or can’t take the cabin pressure.

Electrical cords

Keep a separate pouch for your electrical cords even if it’s just for a phone charger, by giving your cords their own pouch they will resist the urge to get tangled in your handbag or damaged via being squeezed and squished into your bag.

Moon cup

If my period lands on a travel week, instead of trying to predict how many sanitary items I’ll need, I just pack my trusty moon cup. Problem solved! It takes up barely any space and great for the environment!

travelling packing hacks
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In-flight essentials

These should always be packed in a separate pouch to keep with you during the flight; they would normally live within your handbag. Within the pouch I include: headphones, earplugs, eye mask, phone, wallet, lip balm, passport and a pen for immigration forms.

Keep a packing checklist on your phone

Not only can you use it again, but you can tick off items as you go so you won’t forget anything. Cross check with the weather forecast to assess layers required and you’re good to go.


Keep your make-up in your carry-on bag (mine consists of mineral powder, brush, blusher and mascara) separate from your other toiletries. I keep it separate for three reasons: a) If my checked-in luggage isn’t there to join me on arrival I can easily (and without too much expense) replace everything b) Minimal liquids to declare at customs and c) I can touch up my make-up before landing to ensure looking fabulous at all times (essential).


Try to keep your toiletries insanely low maintenance (I use santé face cleanser (great for the environment), moisturiser, deodorant, hair brush, tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner.) Aim to completely avoid packing items that you tend to use once or twice a week like: exfoliant, hair treatment, nail polish etc. Nine times out of ten you probably won’t use them anyway.

Packing cubes

Cubes are an absolute game changer and if you don’t already have them, do yourself a favour. They come in all shapes and sizes, help to organise your outfits and for the most part don’t allow your clothes to get too wrinkled. I even have a cube dedicated for dirty clothes to make un-packing easy when I’m home. I use cubes by Eagle Creek.

Lastly, don’t forget plastic alternatives.

Start to get into the habit of always, always, always bringing a reusable water bottle with you, if not for the flight alone it will be in use throughout your travels. If it’s a fleeting visit, where you know you’ll be on the go consider bringing a keep cup. You could extend this to a stainless steel straw and canvas tote. And yep, you guessed it, great for the environment!


The most important thing is to lay out your gear before actually packing them in your bag. I’ve made this mistake so many times in a hurry to just stuff things into my bag and I ended up not needing half of it and a ridiculously full bag with too many tops and not enough bottoms. Not saying you need to flat lay everything (and take a picture) but once you’ve laid it out you can see if you a) have too much (likely) b) don’t have enough (unlikely) and c) missing something obvious like pyjamas or that bra that suits that top.

travelling packing hacks
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So there you have it! Once you start using these hacks I can guarantee you’ll feel the most organised in the group/tour/city with everything you need at hand and not one single pyjama pant missing. Happy packing and even happier travel planning you lucky thing!

Lexi has a penchant for exploring the globe; she has an incurable case of curiosity. Whether it's surfing in Mexico, hiking the Himalayas, motorcycling around India, trekking the Kokoda trail, skiing in New Zealand, Volcano boarding in Nicaragua, snorkeling in Costa Rica or just kicking back here in Sydney she's always intrigued and always learning, particularly about sustainable travel. You can read more of her work on her travel blog