Ditch the device, because this podcast will get your kids up and dancing.


For adults real life isn’t exactly like the movie La La Land, but for kids it very much still is.

Everyday is another chance to let loose with some sick dance moves, regardless of where you are. Doing the grocery shop at the supermarket? No problem. Driving around in the car. Go for your life with your bad self!

The Beanies podcast is a dance break that kids love and will give parents a break too.

Episode four of  The Beanies is all about dancing anywhere anytime. What a great opportunity  to get  kids off devices, listening, learning, and interacting instead. Plus they’ll run their batteries down and give you some much needed respite.

The podcast is a great way for kids to develop confidence through dancing with songs like the “Silly Dizzy Dance” and the “Zig Zag Stomp.”

Hosts, Michael, Laura, and Mim talk the kids through all the dances step-by-step  with lyrics like, “Turn to the left, twirl to the right,  two steps forward and whirl your head around,” so it’s easy and fun to follow along.

Professor-Know-It-All teaches us about the different types of music around the world, we learn about rhythm and beat plus the kids have the opportunity count along with a four four time signature. That’s a lot  in a fifteen minute episode.

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*Music and lyrics written by The Beanies in collaboration with James Court.