17 women share their money saving tips (because we can't all live like a Kardashian).

Living is really expensive sometimes.

This is an obvious statement, but unfortunately I have recently found this out the hard way. Like when I accidentally neglected a parking fine until I eventually owed $440. Or when I realised my weekly food bill was approximately $250 thanks to some lavish meals.

As I have never been so good (or interested) in budgeting, I was at a loss when it came to saving myself from my money woes.

So, I turned to some women who are much cleverer than me.

Here are some delightfully frugal tips for saving in different areas of your life, courtesy of my colleagues, friends and family.

1. Your pay.

“As soon as I get paid, I put money away – somewhere that I don’t have access to when I’m out and about.” – Pam

2. Your coffee.

“Make coffee at home.” – Hijiri

Save your trip to the barista and you’ll save some serious coin.


Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by SodaStream. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

3. Your bank.

“Have a limit for the amount you can withdraw in any one day. As soon as I lowered mine (previously it was unlimited) I had to think twice about every purchase and weigh up whether the really nice dress/boots/shiny stationery was worth not having the ability to later withdraw enough to buy lunch/a train ticket that day.” – Aparna

4. Your lunch.

“Pack lunch to take to work… It’ll save you about $10-$20 a day, which is a lot over the course of a year!” – Grace

Save time in the morning by preparing lunch the night before.

5. Your dessert.

“Instead of catching up with friends for dinner, catch up for dessert – it’s way tastier and cheaper.” – Bell

6. Your other bank.

“Go out for dinner with your parents.” – Alice

7. Your priorities.

“Be brutal! People laugh at living off $100 a week saying it’s impossible. Don’t eat out, ride your bike instead of petrol, have coffee at home before work. Prioritise and you’d be surprised how far a small amount can go.” – Loretta

Save your petrol money and ride your bike.

8. Your meals.

“It’s all in the food! I make sure I plan my meals for the week ahead, and base them around vegetables that freeze well. Then make and freeze a week’s worth of dinners. I also have breakfast at home, and make a simple sandwich for lunch everyday.” – Melissa

Prep and freeze your meals for the week.

9. Your wine.

“White wine from a goon sack tastes the same as from a fancy bottle – just don’t tell the guests.” – Emma

10. Your budget.

“I know it is cliché but I honestly write a completely OCD budget including any tiny expense, estimate what money you will have coming in, set a goal for saving and STICK TO IT! Keep a really close eye on things and always budget some money for unexpected things… and sanity money.” – Rachel

Make a budget – and stick to it!

11. Your groceries.

“Buy food in bulk and don’t buy stuff daily” – Laura

12. Your water.

“Make your sparkling water at home with a SodaStream. It’s healthier and my partner drinks a lot of soda water so it works out cheaper!” – Shelley

Make healthy sparkling water at home.


13. Your bank card.

“Don’t pay on card pay in cash.” – Ellen

14. Your drinks.

“I pretty much never order drinks with my meals, you can save like $10 if you just drink tap water, and I really don’t miss it!” – Rosie

Order tap water when eating out.


15. Your petrol.

“Pay petrol at the start of the week. It’s cheaper.” – Prue

16. Your lights.

“Turn off lights and fans when not in the room, cut down sunlight and reduce air con by putting up temporary blinds in summer.” – My mum

Switch off your lights when not in the room.

17. Your hair.

“Wash your hair less.” – Deb


What are your best tips for saving money?

Here are some more ways to save money in the kitchen…

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