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Why your life will be instantly better if you embrace really, really tiny items.

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These days, people seem to be caught up with the notion that bigger is always better.

Giant SUVs are taking over the roads. Five-bedroom McMansions in the ‘burbs are somehow even more desirable, despite becoming less viable. And last December, mammoth Christmas trees crept up all over my Instagram feed, pimped out like they were on the cover of House & Garden magazine.

I hate to be alarmist, but things are starting to getting a little, er, big. In reality, some of the best things in life come in small (and brilliant) packages.

For example, you might’ve seen the Japanese craze of miniature (or kawaii, as it’s known) cooking on YouTube. Channels like Miniature Space have two million subscribers watching people make teeny-tiny food using mini collectible utensils…and it’s addictive viewing. I also love Tastemade’s Tiny Kitchen and their teeny-tiny cooking utensils.

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So, in the interests of sharing my joy for all things tiny, here are the five little things that make my heart sing:

Tiny houses

I am a serious wannabe minimalist. I’ve seen all of the Netflix documentaries and love that show Tiny Homes Australia. My desk at work is streamlined to necessities and clear of clutter. At home, I’ve cut down my once-enormous collection of clothes and shoes into a capsule wardrobe of 40 key pieces that are on rotation (impressive, I know).

I’ve often flirted with the idea of throwing in my inner city townhouse and my beautiful collection of IKEA Hemnes furniture and getting some rugged Texan to build me my very own tiny home. If you haven’t heard of these architectural marvels, do yourself a favour and check them out. Completely mobile (goodbye skyrocketing Sydney property prices), storage solutions galore, everything has its place and multiple purposes, and they can be decked out to be seriously beautiful. The one thing that’s putting me off? Composting toilets. But you get the drill, they’re amazing.

Mini juice pops

Over summer I spent a lot of time at my sister’s house in the ‘burbs enjoying her pool (and her company of course), and she introduced me to my newest obsession. Proud & Punch have released a range of mini juice pops that are next-level delicious. She buys them for her kids because they are free from refined sugar and are an easy way for her to get her kids eating more fruit and veggies (the Paging Dr Green flavour has Granny Smith apple, Packham pear, spinach and desert lime).

Put frankly, they rock my world. Perfectly portion-controlled and gluten free (a HUGE win for those among us who are gluten intolerant) these bad boys seriously pack a punch. They also meant that I didn’t have to miss out on enjoying desert after a long day playing Marco Polo with my nephews. Double win.


Dogs with little legs

I’ve got to preface this by saying that all animals and dogs are beautiful and if I had the time, resources and space to house an army of rescue dogs I seriously would. But in reality, that’s really hard. You know what else is hard? Walking your Labrador/German Shepherd /Alaskan Malamute the 10,000km every day they need to keep active and healthy. You know what’s totally doable (and even more adorable)? Dogs with teeny-tiny little legs. Ideally attached to a long body. Dogs with tiny legs never cease to amuse me for one simple reason: they are so low to the ground. Have you ever seen a Dachshund jump? It’s miraculous and very impressive.

RSPCA's dogs with little legs you can adopt now: Ziggy, Hall and Genie. Image:

Pocket-sized hot sauce

Don’t you hate it when you go out for dinner to a new restaurant and inquire about the spice levels and they reassure you that it’s “spicy” but when your dish arrives it’s a little...bland? I don’t have that problem anymore, thanks to the best Kris Kringle gift I’ve ever received. Sure it’s a little weird to bring your own sauce to a restaurant like Jerry did in an episode of Seinfeld, but this pocket-sized bottle of hot sauce on a handy key ring gives me the confidence to tackle any new restaurant or food truck. It’s also a fabulously easy way to spice up and add a serious punch to my weekday lunches in an instant (literally). Have I reached peak hipster with this? Probably. Am I living my best life? Definitely.


Beauty miniatures

Guys, if you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon by now you’re not really living. Why spend the big bucks on full-sized mascaras, bronzers or eyeshadow pallets when the miniature versions are the exact same but come in conveniently sized packages?

Tiny mascaras never dry out, mini bronzers easily fit in your handbag for touch-ups across the day, and you're not spending a fortune on that amazing new pallet with so many shades that you will never use.

Don’t get me started on toiletries. Travel-size shampoos and conditioners are the perfect way to trial new brands without committing, tiny deodorants will always save the day when you need them the most, and the best makeup remover I’ve ever used in my LIFE came in miniature form as part of a gift with purchase (thanks, Mum).

A mini Fenty Beauty pack from Sephora. Take my money! Image: Sephora.

See? Bigger isn’t always better. So guys, next time you’re looking for your next four-legged companion, combing the freezer aisle, looking to try a new beauty product, or even searching for your new home - don’t forget to check out the little guys. Mini is the super-convenient, seriously cute and a smarter way to live your best life. I’m actually obsessed.

What's one tiny thing you have a not-so-tiny obsession with?

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