Mehak's date said he'd like to give her "full disclosure". Then, he told her a story.

Mehak Sabat was pleasantly surprised when she hit it off with an attractive man on a dating app this week, until, after arranging to meet in person, he gave her a peculiar warning.

The man told Mehak he wanted to give her “full disclosure” before they met in person which, like any woman, made Mehak prepare for the worst… you know, like a secret wife. Or murderous criminal record. Or a World of Warcraft addiction.

Immediately, she felt hesitant.

But the reason Mehak’s date wanted to give her “full disclosure” turned out to be far more crushing.

The man explained he had actually suffered, “shattered bones, punctured lungs and a verdict by the best doctors that he wouldn’t be able to walk” after a serious car accident 10 years ago; an accident so severe it was reported by numerous local media publications.

It soon became apparent that this man’s limp had limited his dating prospects in the past, and he was concerned it would ruin his chances with Mehak.

Mehak recounted the conversation on her Twitter:


Mehak’s response was, thankfully, quite the opposite: the man’s limp is irrelevant compared to his personality, which she described as “opinionated and respectful”.

“He is devoted to his family & friends… But we have managed to make him conscious of what he is ‘lacking’,” she wrote.

Hundreds of Twitter users reached out to share their support for the unnamed man and celebrate the news that a second date is on the cards sometime this week.


Le sigh.

So it turns out love isn’t dead, then?

“I don’t think the bloke I am seeing is a feminist, what do I do?”

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