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"My entire life changed." Everything we know about The Voice's Timothy Bowen.


Timothy Bowen is one of the hundreds of contestants who auditioned for this year’s season of The Voice Australia.

Unlike many of the singers who audition for a spot on one of the judges’ teams, Timothy has travelled the world performing his songs for an audience.

But in 2015, his world was entirely upended when he was diagnosed with cancer.

On Monday night’s episode of the singing competition, the talented vocalist delivered one of the show’s more emotional moments when he recounted his battle with cancer.

“I was playing [music] all over the world,” he explained. “Travelling to the US three to four times a year, to Nashville and Tennessee, playing the most shows that I have ever played in my life. I really, really did feel like I had the world at my feet.”

“There came a certain point where a pretty grim discovery brought things to a standstill. My entire life changed,” the 30-year-old shared.

Speaking to the judges after his breath-taking performance, Timothy explained to the judges his health battle: “The last couple of years have been a pretty interesting ride for me. At the end of 2015, I was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer – pretty unexpectedly.”


“When they caught it, it was stage 4B, which is just about the worst that you can get. It happened very, very fast,” he explained.

“I went through six months of chemotherapy, about 96 hours of chemotherapy for every round. Lumber punctures… I had to have minor heart surgery at the end of it. Christina [my wife] was the person who got me and my entire family through all of that.”

Watch Timothy Bowen’s audition for The Voice here. Post continues below video.

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In September of last year, Timothy received positive news from the doctors.

“We think you’re okay… for now,” the singer recalls the doctors telling him.


Timothy said his wife, Christina, was a remarkable support for him during his battle with cancer. He also credits music with helping get through the incredibly tough times.

“Music was incredibly important during this time. It became a refuge,” Timothy reflected. “It’s definitely given me a lot of perspective that I didn’t have before I experienced what I have experienced — and that’s something that I would never take back.”

After performing a goose-bump worthy rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’, which saw all four judges turn their chairs, Delta Goodrem told Timothy he was one of the “best male vocals I think I’ve ever heard in a blind audition.”

Talent obviously runs in Timothy’s family, because his sister is accomplished Australian actress Clare Bowen, best known for her role in Nashville.

Clare Bowen was beaming with pride watching her little brother, posting photos and videos of him all over her Instagram.


Now on Guy Sebastian’s team, we have a feeling Timothy Bowen will go far on this season of The Voice.

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